Wordle, download the fashion game you must try

The latest viral on the network is Wordle, a word guessing game with a simple mechanic, but became fashionable due to two factors: challenging us to guess one word a day, and by sharing the results on Twitter publishing several boxes with colored squares which generated a lot of curiosity.

Actually, there is more than one Wordle on the Internet among the many word games out there, but we are talking about the version created by Josh Wardle (or PowerLanguage), a Reddit developer. Can play free in web browser From your phone or computer, you don’t need to install any apps, nor do you include ads, at least for now.

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Basically, it was “Hangman game” where there are 6 turns to hit, they will always ask us 5 words in English. We have no clue, our first term will introduce it basically randomly, although with certain tricks we will optimize the probability.

Then he the color of the box will tell us how to proceed: is green for correctly placed letters, yellow for letters that are in the word but elsewhere, and gray for letters that are not part of the solution.

It’s amazing that just a word to guess that changes every day, and it’s the same for all players. This results in some addiction and competition among users, especially when it comes to sharing their daily results.

The colored squares were uploaded to Twitter and other social networks, without providing any clues, which aroused some curiosity about Wordle:

Image - Wordle, download the fashion game you must try

Fixing Wordle with 6 rounds is a challenge, but most users succeed (if they have a good level of English). The advantages are use the minimum number of shifts possible, and on the Internet there are cases where with only 3 or 4 attempts it is possible to win.

How to play Wordle

Wordle’s mechanics are simple and addictive, besides, by posing one challenge per day, it doesn’t tire us out. Since the initial tutorial is not in Spanish, we’ll cover the basics of how to play:

  1. We enter Wordle page (no app available), which adapts well to mobile phones and computers:

Web: Wordle (Power Language)

  1. We introduce first word with several different vowels, the gray letters are not in the results, the yellow ones are in other positions of the word, and the green ones are placed correctly:

Image - Wordle, download the fashion game you must try

  1. Depending on the success, it might be second attempt we prefer to discard or confirm new mail, instead of going to “solve”.
  2. Since we have well-placed letters (green squares), we now have to find the solution:

Image - Wordle, download the fashion game you must try

  1. Whether we play Wordle on our phone or computer, on-screen keyboard showing discarded letters to help us:

Image - Wordle, download the fashion game you must try

  1. If we close the Wordle site, the game will be at the same point when you reopen it, as long as it’s on the same device (no account creation possible) and the word time doesn’t expire (day changes are made to UK time or UTC).
  2. After 6 attempts have been used (whether we succeeded or not) results, with statistics from the previous days and hours remaining for the next Wordle:

Image - Wordle, download the fashion game you must try

  1. Clicking “Share” on mobile opens share menu in other appsFrom the computer, the result is copied to the clipboard and we can paste it anywhere, even though it is very popular on Twitter:

Image - Wordle, download the fashion game you must try

  1. Since we’re dealing with text (the squares are actually emojis), it’s possible to add comments or modify elements.

Wordle’s daily word guessing trick

First of all, we must have at least intermediate level english to play, otherwise it is almost impossible to hit. The wider our vocabulary, the easier it is to guess the word.

With this clear, there are some tricks and tips which can help us to be successful:

  1. The vowel is the first letter we have to confirm.
  2. The most frequently used consonants in English are: t, n, s, h, r.
  3. The most common initial letters are: t, d, w.
  4. The most common last letters are: s, d, t.
  5. Common dual combinations are: ee, ll, ss, oo, tt, ff, rr, nn, pp, cc.

Given that everyday words are the same for everyone, cheat is not complicated at all. A simple search on Twitter will allow us to find out the results, although this trick takes all of Wordle’s interest away.

Games can help us to learn English, although only if we already have a sufficient level. Of course, guessing words in Wordle is quite addictive, especially if we are competing with acquaintances on social networks, and it can be a good daily exercise to keep your mind awake.

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