Xbox and researchers recreate medieval English castles in Minecraft

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Minecraft It is not only one of the most successful games in history, but also one of the most attractive creative platforms for various sectors, especially for the young population and new generation of players. It has been used for Minecraft serves as a teaching tool and the latest example is what is being done between Xbox and the National Trust.

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Xbox, National Trust and Minecraft make history in england

Through a publication on the official Xbox UK Twitter account, the Microsoft brand presented a new and ambitious project being undertaken at Minecraft. This is a recreation of Corfe Castle in the game Mojang, a development made possible in collaboration with the National Trust organization, dedicated to the preservation and investigation of historical places in England.

Based on information from historians and archaeologists, Xbox and the National Trust were able to recreate the ruins of Corfe Castle on a dedicated server in Minecraftwhich is now accessible as part of The Wild Update.

Cooperating allows players from Minecraft can visit the castle virtually and learn about its history. This construction dates back to the 11th century in the English county of Dorsety, at a time when its function was to oversee the Purbeck Hills on the route between Wareham and Swanage.

Also part of the project is content creator GrianMC, whose work was highlighted by National Trust archaeologist Martin Papworth (via euro player): “We love partnering with Xbox and seeing young people engage with Britain’s rich historical heritage through the help of technology. Grian has done a brilliant job restoring Corfe Castle to its former glory. within the castle grounds, but also blends it with her own imagination. We can’t wait to see more inspiring designs from younger minds.”

Still here at LEVEL UP.

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