Xbox reveals adorable wicker accessories for your controller

The Xbox Twitter account in the UK recently posted a series of photos showing the season-appropriate woven outfits, not for gamers but for controllers.

The Xbox’s presence on Twitter has earned a reputation for being cheeky and playful, especially after the introduction of the Xbox Series X, which is often compared to the refrigerator. As a result, Xbox got involved in the prank and released the Xbox Series X mini fridge last year.

Now, Xbox UK is releasing some accessories for console controls, and they’re perfect for this winter season. The photos on the tweet show an adorable gray, white and green beanie in matching gloves, but not for use by humans, but by Xbox controllers. The final photo in the series even shows a person, themselves without gloves, holding the remote. The whole control is certainly a fun and enjoyable sight; although it is also an impractical investment, but the tweet does not seem to indicate that the knitwear sets are actually for sale.

While the tweet shouldn’t be taken seriously, fans are commenting on their desire to buy a hat and glove set for the Xbox controller, which is of course impractical. One user simply wrote, “I wish you could actually buy this. It looks adorable,” while another commented in more detail on Fry’s animated GIF from Futurama pulling out a pile of cash and exclaiming, “Shut up and take my money!!”. There are many controller and console accessories that have no practical utility, but enhance the gaming experience.

Playing in a warm, cozy room is a great way to pass the time during winter; And thanks to this tweet from Xbox UK, now Xbox controllers can be comfortable and convenient too. While this product doesn’t appear to be for sale, those talented enough to knit game accessories might easily make similar (or identical) outfits. Some players are very talented at crafts, and some knit their favorite characters from the game, like those from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so it might be a doable task for some.

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