You can watch TV in a self-driving car in the UK

In the UK, it will soon become legal to watch TV and other content while in an AI self-driving car. This is one of the changes the UK government is considering in the bill for this type of vehicle.

The Department of Transport (via The Register) has confirmed the planned changes to the Highway Code, which includes rules and guidelines for using roads in the UK. These changes are intended to allow self-driving car users to experience the full benefits of the technology, while also clearly establishing what the responsibilities of people in self-driving cars really are. This is set to provide clarity as this sort of autonomous detail has the potential to become more common down the road.

One of these clarifications concerns what people can actually do while traveling in self-driving vehicles, and when the screen is on, phones and possibly video games are off. Although some of these cars work with high-end gaming platforms like PC.

“The plan also includes changes to current regulations, which allow drivers to view non-driving-related content on the integrated heads-up display, while autonomous vehicles are in control. However, use of mobile devices will remain illegal.” . the phone is in autonomous driving mode, given the increased risk it poses to distracting drivers, as the investigation showed,” explains a section on the Department of Transportation’s website.

Given the current state of autonomous vehicles, even watching TV seems like a pretty dangerous thing to do while behind the wheel. However, it appears the UK is following the path of interactive media, by not allowing things like telephones, which can sometimes be more widespread. It’s definitely harder to get away from the game, put down the device, rethink the car, and apply the emergency brake than it is to take your eyes off a TV show or the like. As long as nothing super juicy happens, of course.

Still good these things are being considered by the Department of Transportation. The vehicles will likely be introduced gradually to roadworthy residents, only allowed to travel at lower speeds and other safety restrictions on a temporary basis. Having clear rules before a self-driving car hits the road is a good idea, even if it may need to be changed later. The next step is to make sure the public is informed about these rules, as self-driving cars may become more common.

There are also many other benefits of autonomous vehicles besides being able to follow your story on your way to work. Transport Secretary Trudy Harrison believes that the introduction of this technology will lead to safer and more environmentally friendly road activities.

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