You should know about 3 new features coming to WhatsApp

Multiple websites etc. WABetaInfoBe part of this WhatsApp beta project and quickly share everything they find, the British newspaper explained on Tuesday Sun.

That way, those who are into technology and programming can find out what WhatsApp features will be next before reaching out to other users.

Regardless Just because a feature appears in beta doesn’t mean it will eventually transition to a generic version used by other parts of the world. But they will also be a good indicator of what users can expect to come to their phones, tablets and PCs in the coming months.

Here are three new features that are said to be coming to WhatsApp soon:

Better protection against hackers

in the middle one A wave of fraud that extends through these processors, WhatsApp has found a new way to prevent hackers from your chats. More and more users around the world are losing accounts or being fooled by scammers using the app, so developers want to strengthen system security.

This is an issue that could get worse as new multi-device support is being set up.

This allows users to use the application on the desktop or on the Internet without having to place the phone near you or turn it on.

With this in mind, WhatsApp wants to introduce two-step meta verification.

But step by step we have seen on mobile for a long time WABetaInfo This feature will be available on desktop and internet in the coming months.

2-step verification means that every time you use a phone number to register WhatsApp on a new device, you have to enter a PIN password.

You’ll need to enter a PIN to prove your identity when buying a new phone, inserting an existing SIM card, or installing WhatsApp.

Similarly, if a scammer tries to get your number and does, they will protect you.

So it makes sense that this action is available for desktop and web.

However, the functionality is still in the testing phase, which means WhatsApp may decide not to go ahead with it.

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2. Reaction to messages

WhatsApp also seems to be getting ready An important new feature for iPhone users.

This app was recently used An early version of the iOS app for testers to receive notifications about reactions to messages.

The upcoming feature is expected to allow users to reply to messages using various emojis such as a smile or an angry face.

It works like a Facebook reaction button, and allows you to respond to posts and comments with “love”, “haha”, “wow”, “sad” and “angry”.

This new feature was released last week in the latest beta of the app on iOS (version 22.2.72).

According to information from WABetaInfoVersion 22.2.72 shows a new “React to notifications” option in WhatsApp notification settings.

Users can enable or disable these responses in their alerts.

Alerts let you know when someone responds to a message from you in a private or group chat.

Users can also choose the tone to be activated when they receive this alert.

3. Transfer your accounts between phones easily

WhatsApp also seems to be working on a new feature that makes it easier to switch phones.

This new tool lets you quickly transfer chats from your Android phone to your iPhone.

Until recently, switching from iPhone to Android or vice versa was a painful process for WhatsApp users.

This always means losing WhatsApp chat logs.

As recently as last year, WhatsApp added the ability for iPhone owners to convert their chats to Samsung phones and soon to Google Pixel devices.

So instead of restarting on WhatsApp, you can switch chats.

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work any other way. If you switch from Android to iPhone, all chats will be lost.

But WhatsApp expert WABetaInfo Found a new import tool.

This feature will appear in the latest WhatsApp beta version 22.2.74 on iOS.

This means you can change WhatsApp history from Android using the Move to iOS app.

According to the first picture of the function, you should keep your phone unlocked during operation.

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