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Queen Elizabeth with a surprise visit

Queen Elizabeth, 96, has struggled with mobility issues recently, and had to cancel participation in several events. On Tuesday, he made a surprise visit to Paddington station in London to see the completed “Elizabeth line”. It wrote, among other things,

Málaga – Fire mess in holiday favorite

Dagbladet wrote on Wednesday that a large forest fire had broken out in the Pujerra area of ​​Málaga province. Thursday night writing the local newspaper Diariosur that the local fire department said the fire was far from under control. More

Landslide in Loen – Dog insert

– Based on the testimony of witnesses, it is possible that there are still people left in the avalanche. “That’s why we wanted to deploy rescue dogs,” police task force leader John Endre Skeie said at a press conference at

Waiting for the slow moving queue

On Monday, lots of cars are expected on the road as a result of the long weekend. So far, the weather is also looking very promising in most of the countries. Therefore, there is reason to believe that many are

Warned against hurricane «Alex»

Tropical Storm “Alex” came on Sunday morning from the Gulf of Mexico and into southern Florida with heavy rain and gusts of wind. This report AP news agency. “This is a dangerous and life-threatening situation. It is not recommended to