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The recent death of one of the members Celebrity, Carlos Marino, leaving some of their fans wondering if they will continue to be involved in the music scene and if so, whether they will have a new member to fill the void left by the baritone. All of those responses were answered indirectly with posts stating that now the trio He will continue his tour but with a “special guest”.

Marín was 53 years old when she died. After feeling ill while touring the UK, the singer was hospitalized on December 8 in the Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Manchester Hospital and reportedly had to be intubated before dying 11 days later.

Through publications on the opera and pop group’s Instagram accounts, it announced to its followers that the next tour they had been postponing would resume soon, but proposed some changes in the process that weren’t just limited to concert dates. but with regard to members.

The post announced that Il Divo would indeed continue its tour of the United States on February 2nd, despite the recent death of Carlos Marín. In addition, the presentation theme will focus on the group’s great success, apart from paying homage to their late partner.

The tour had previously been announced as the “For Once In My Life Tour”, in conjunction with one of the tracks from his latest album “A Celebration of Motown” before being refocused as a career retrospective and tribute to Marín.

“After the tragic death of Carlos Marín of Il Divo, the remaining members of the multinational group, David Miller from America, Sebastien Izambard from France and Urs Buhler from Switzerland, will continue their tour in homage to Marín ”, publication details. “This tour will be packed with Il Divo hits from their extensive song catalog with incredible stage productions.”

Carlos Marin’s replacement?

In addition to announcing the date of the next Il Divo concert, the publication also mentions that there will be a special guest during the tour, who will likely take Carlos Marín’s place to continue the harmony of the quartet in the group: Steven LaBrie.

Newly appointed touring guest vocalist, LaBrie, was named Artist of the Week by Opera Wire in December 2019. The publication noted at the time that the singer had “broke up with the New Amsterdam Opera and Nuovo Theater and made lead role debuts as well as home debuts with several major regional theaters in the United States.”

Born to a Mexican mother and American father, LaBrie has worked with his voice from an early age, quickly climbing the opera world to perform at prestigious venues around the world.

Feedback from fans

Through publications on Il Divo’s Instagram page, some of the group’s fans spoke of this news expressing differing opinions, with some of them rejecting the new member in the group and returning quickly to the concert, while others laud the continuation of Marín’s legacy with the other members and with respect. to honor him.

What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man, I’m sure he’ll be looking down with his smile”, “I don’t understand the negative comments, we should be happy that the boys can continue to excite people” and “I know a lot of people look at him with disdain they have guests from the baritone but they need it ”, are some of the positive comments.

On the other hand, some negative messages can be seen in publications such as “No one can replace Carlos, the show will not be the same”, “Really so soon? And guest singer? A baritone?” and “I support them in all the decisions you make, but this one didn’t seem the most appropriate to me. Carlos is irreplaceable.”

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