Everything you need to know about the omicron variant

micron, which has caused many countries to suspend flights to southern Africa, is concerned about the high number of mutations it causes, as large numbers of cases have been detected in different countries.

The United States, Australia, Turkey and Spain have imposed restrictions on travelers from South Africa and seven other countries in the south of the African continent to avoid, in their judgment, spreading the virus that kept the alerts on.

Confirmed cases in Colombia

In Colombia, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection indicated, according to information provided by the National Institutes of Health, that three cases of this new variant were detected.

Minister Fernando Ruiz added that two of these cases were identified in Cartagena and one in Santa Marta; be two Colombians and one US citizen.

As indicated, the three cases and their contacts are being thoroughly analyzed by the National Institutes of Health “and as far as information is available, we will expand on that,” added the portfolio head. Health.

Vaccine effectiveness against omicron

The World Health Organization asks not to draw hasty conclusions about the effectiveness of the current anticovid vaccine against the variant micron, as the initial data showing decreased immune protection were from laboratory studies and “not from real life”.

“We can understand the great interest and concern that exists around whether vaccines protect against omicron, let us remember that there are similar concerns when deltas emerge,” said WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan.

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