“Brick” returns: Google searches for “dumb phone” grow 89%

Years ago, people who had the “luxury” of owning a cell phone had a “bricks” in their hands, namely large, heavy phones that could only be used for talking and texting, nothing more.

As technology advances, bricks are left behind and devices are becoming more and more intelligent, to the point that phones are used for everything, except for talking.

While it seems that in an era of phones with as many cameras as you want, with unlimited data, RAM memory, cores, and other features, there is no room for non-smart devices, “stupid phones” are gaining more and more ground.

anti brick transformer

It turns out that in Europe bricks, silly cell phones, chewing gum, or whatever they are called, are starting to experience a kind of boom.

Search for bricks.

A report from software company SEMrush argues that there is a resurgence of dumb phones. Google searches for bricks increased 89 percent between 2018 and 2021.

While sales figures are hard to come by, a report shows global purchases of bricks are sure to hit a billion units compared to the 400 dumb phones sold during 2019.

This number is still far from the 1.4 billion smartphones last year.

Meanwhile, a 2021 study by accounting group Deloitte showed that one in 10 cell phone users in the UK had problems.


It was in 2017 when Nokia launched the 3310 model and it really caused a rebirth, this was because nostalgia, functionality or just not wasting time on the phone practically gave the bricks a second wind.

The proof above is the stupid or brick phone manufacturer, Light Phone, which only adds to its equipment the possibility of listening to music and podcasts, in addition to connecting via Bluetooth to headphones.

However, the company promises that its phones will never have social networks, clickbait, email, browsers, or other limitless sources of anxiety-provoking.

The bricks company recorded its best financial performance in 2021 with sales up 150 percent compared to 2020.

Understandably, there are people who are looking for a simpler phone, and are not overwhelmed by the excessive attention that smart devices require.

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