Cuba celebrates National Football Day

The incident took place in 1911 on the Palatino pitch, the present municipality of Cerro, where Roberts’ team, consisting of players from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, and Hatuey’s club, consisting of Cuba and Spain, finished 1 -0 to support visitors.

In light of the event, the island’s football governing body plans to hold a match this Saturday at the capital’s Pedro Marrero stadium between veteran players and captives.

Shortly after this clash, on the same stage and as part of the entertainment, members of a sports club which refers to an English club, will compete in a friendly competition in the modality of nine-on-one football.

The day before, at the start of the event to date, tributes were paid here in the Colon Necropolis to Julio Cepero Balvin, a member of the Cuban team at the Olympics, Pan American, Central American and Caribbean Games, and one of the most prominent in Havana.

At the cemetery, which was declared a National Monument in 1987, the (AFC) president, Oliet Rodríguez, along with the women’s national team, family and friends, commemorate the late player’s sporting career.

In front of those present, Rodríguez acknowledged Cepero Balivin’s sporting achievements as a guide for those who are tasked with providing the continued development of football in the capital and homeland.

To be precise, in the central province of Santa Clara, in the cemetery of the city of Santo Domingo, the sport’s most universal lover will pay homage to one of the greats in the history of this sport in the country, Regino Delgado.

Delgado, who died in 2016, is recognized as one of the greatest Cuban midfielders of all time, making his debut for the national team in 1975 and bidding farewell to him in 1986, becoming pivotal in his international results.

Tomorrow the official activities will conclude with a summit between all the presidents of the provincial federations, at the Mario López National Football School next to the Pedro Marrero stadium.


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