National ESPMX 2022: Chronicle of the big day of motocross at Cerro Negro de Talavera

The Chronicle of Javier Chacón (@jchaconarriero) and David Alfaro (@davidfotoblog)

Carlos Martínez Zorita-Cerro Negro Circuit in Talavera the Queen this weekend was a thrilling, intense and exciting day of motocross, with some of the country’s best riders in the third round of the 2022 Spanish Championship.

After moving the celebrations for the third round of the ESPMX 2022 National Motocross to Saturday due to rain forecasts, the race was reduced to a practice session and two warm-ups for each category. Thanks to the excellent work of Motoclub Talavera, a somewhat muddy circuit awaits the riders, but in perfect condition to practice the sport.

In the wee hours of the morning, the youngest riders started speeding with their 125cc engines and, despite precautions due to terrain conditions, Fran “Carbonero” took pole position with a stratospheric spin, nearly three seconds faster than the second classified, Antonio Gallego Ramos, and almost five of the third, Salvador Pérez.

On MX2, and with circuit improvements with each lap, Gerard Congost recorded the fastest lap, ahead of Pablo Gutiérrez and David Braceras.

When it was the MX1 rider’s turn, the ruts began to show at some of the corners and they had to study each row towards the heat. World Cup’s Jorge Zaragoza had the best lap of the session, ahead of nder Valentín and reigning champion Carlos Campano.


When the time came to race, in MX1 we once again enjoyed some exciting races with the usual protagonists of the category. After a good start from Simeó Ubach, the first corner ended with several accidents, including that of Carlos Campano, which would be decisive in the development of the next race.

The stubborn José Antonio Butrón took first place on the fourth lap, which he would defend until the end. At the back, Ubach held off pressure from Nil Arcarons, Zaragoza and Valentín in the second to final third of the race, when he was relegated to fifth place last. At the finish line, Valentín finished second and the Arcarons third.

But the true hero of the manga is Campano who, after his first fall, puts on overalls and makes a book-like comeback, giving his all around every corner and overtaking rider after rider on the Talaverano track. In fact, if he had one more lap to go, he would be on the podium by the time he finishes fourth on the finish line, just a tenth behind third. A whole lesson in honor from veteran Andalusian pilots.


In the second half, Butrón took first place almost from the start, followed by lex Gamboa, Valentín, Campano and Arcarons. During the development of the arm we can see an interesting fight between Valentín and Campano, swapping their positions, which ended with Butrón winning on the arm, scoring two goals, Valentín second and Campano third.

This is the last position on the podium at Talavera, which makes Butrón the interim leader of MX1.

Talaveran pilot Sergio Sánchez had a discreet performance in the race, without finding the right rhythm and finishing in twelfth of the combined.


In the MX2 category, the first race saw an interesting battle between Gerard Congost, Braceras, Samuel Nilsson and Víctor Alonso, which put Braceras in first place, followed by Nilsson, who couldn’t find a way to overtake him due to some laps, and Alonso in third. , who overtook Congost in the latter part of the race.

The second heat once again left us with a great duel between Braceras (1st) and Nilsson (2nd), highlighting the great moment these two riders had. Behind, Congost (3rd), Denis Canto and Adriá Monné fought for third place, with the Jezyk Racing Team drivers knowing how to defend hard. As such, the combination left Braceras the absolute winner, followed by Nilsson, the category leader, and Congost.


The 125cc riders don’t want to lose to others and they also gave us a good fight between them. In the first half, Salvi Pérez took the lead, followed by Ramos, “Carbonero” and Unai Aguiló, but he was soon demoted to third place, which he would defend until the end. Up front, the official RFME driver, Antonio Ramos, took the lead and set the pace only Fran “Carbonero” followed.

Even so, the Andalusian racer remained on the wheel until he overtook him on the last lap and took the win. In the second heat we once again had a great battle between these two riders, but on this occasion “Carbonero” crashed without consequence while trying to overtake Ramos on the last lap, who dominated the heat from start to finish, and had to settle for a second. Marco Alonso crossed the finish line in third.

By winning this second round, Ramos took the final victory, leveling the points with “Carbonero” (2nd), and Salvi Pérez third. The red plate of the leader went to Fran “Carbonero” because Edgar Canet was not present at Talavera due to an accident he suffered at the European event which was held in England a few weeks ago.

From here we wish him a speedy recovery and we hope to see him on the track again showing his great qualities. Cheers Edgar!

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