Over 100 UK and Irish MPs support the Peace Treaty

Today the international declaration is endorsed by 147 MPs represent political parties from all mainstream in parliament great Britain, that Republic of Ireland and Northern Irelande, in commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the Peace Agreement in Colombia.

The declaration highlights the commitment of the international community to the agreement with reference to UN Security Council resolutions 2016 y 2017 at ONUthat a commitment to the Colombian peace process was declared.

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MPs insist they will continue to “work on” [sus] respective parliaments (…) to ensure that the support of the international community remains focused on implementing the 2016 agreement and on building a complete, stable and lasting peace.”

In the declaration, the deputies also looked at the conditions of implementation so far. In addition to highlighting the progress of the transitional justice system, the MPs underlined FARC-EP’s compliance with its obligations regarding the laying of arms and its participation with components A Comprehensive System of Truth, Justice, Reparations and Non-Repetition.

At the same time, frustration was expressed in the face of what they considered a “slow” implementation with a rant focused on the administration of Ivan Duque, commenting that “lack of implementation by the Colombian government of certain obligations in the agreement has weakened the peace process.”.

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They also expressed high concern about the “lack of security in rural areas and the pressing human rights crisis” that since signing the agreement has claimed the lives of nearly 300 ex-combatants in the reintegration process and more than 1,000 social leaders, according to several organizations. .

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