The Boccia European team and mixed final is another medal for Spain

Sevillian Palacio de San Pablo hosted the final European day of Boccia on the sixth day of the competition and where all attention for the national team was focused on the BC3 pair, who, in the quarter-finals, Vero and Fido defeated almighty Portugal 5-3. Then in the semifinals they lost 5-3 against Poland, but in the fight for the third metal they beat England also by 5-3 to win the fourth medal for Spain and the second for Wafid Boucherit who had set an excellent Championship in Seville and every time more close to being in the top three in the world.

The honors list for mixed pairs and teams is as follows:

BC4 pair:
SLO (Natasa Bartol and Matjaz Bartol) 5 – POR (Carla Oliveira and Manuel Cruz) 3.
HUN (Alexandra Szabo and Lazlo Hagedüsz) 8 – RUS (Daria Andonina and Sergey Safin) 0.

3-4. POR (Carla Oliveira and Manuel Cruz) 4 – RUS (Daria Andonina and Sergey Safin) 2.

Final: SLO (Natasa Bartol y Matjaz Bartol) 4 – HUN (Alexandra Szabo y Lazlo Hagedüsz) 2.

BC3 pair:
POL 5 (Edyta Owcarz y Damian Iskrzycki) – ESP (Verónica Pamiés y Wafid Boucherit) 3.
GRE (Anna Ntenta y Grigorios Polychromidis) 4 – GBR (Bethany Moulam and Scott McCowan) 2.

3-4: ESP (Verónica Pamiés and Wafid Boucherit) 5 – GBR (Bethany Moulam and Scott McCowan) 3.

Final: GRE (Anna Ntenta y Grigorios Polychromidis) 3 – POL (Edyta Owcarz y Damian Iskrzycki) 3 y victoria helena en el desempate.

BC1/BC2 Equipment:
NED (Chantal Van Engelen, Daniel Pérez and Marko Dekker) 8 – RUS (Mikhail Gutmik, Diana Tsyplina and Dimitry Kozmin) 3.
POR (André Ramos, Cristina Gonçalves and Abilio Valente) 6 – GBR (David Smith, Claire Taggart and Will Hipwell) 3.

3º-4º: RUS (Mikhail Gutmik, Diana Tyuplina y Dimitry Kozmin) 5 -GBR (David Smith, Claire Taggart y Will Hipwell) 4.

Final: POR (André Ramos, Cristina Gonçalves and Abilio Valente) 8 – NED (Chantal Van Engelen, Daniel Pérez and Marko Dekker) 6.

The medal ceremony and closing ceremony were presided over by David Hallierld, President of World Boccia; Julián Rebollo, president of the FEDPC; José María Montero, FAPDC president and Manuel Nieto, Seville City Council IMD manager.

Individual Honor Scroll
BC1 girl
Semifinals: Olga Dolgova (RUS) 5 Amagoia Arrieta 4 / Dora Basic (CRO) 5 – Kinga Koza (POL) 1. 3º-4º: Amagoia Arrieta (ESP) 4 – Dora Basic (CRO) Final: – 5 – Olga Dolgova ( RUS) 7 – Kinga Koza (POL) 1.

BC1 male
Semifinals: Michael Gutnik (RUS) 6 – Martin Frnovic (CRO) 1 / David Smith (GBR) 8 – André Ramos (POR) 1. 3-4 positions: André Ramos (POR) 11 – Martin Frnovic (CRO) 0. Final : David Smith (GBR) 5 – Michael Gutnik (RUS) 2.

BC2 girls
Semifinals: Claire Taggart (GBR) 6 – Vivien Nagy (HUN) 1 / Cristina Gonçalves (POR) 10 – Kristina Kulnikova (SLO) 0. 3º-4º: Vivien Nagy (HUN) 4 – Kristina Kulnikova (SLO) 3. Final: Cristina Gonçalves (POR) 5 – Claire Taggart (GBR) 4.

BC2 male
Semifinals: Ratslav Kurilak (SVK) 3 – Robert Mezik (SLO) 1 / Dimitry Koznin (RUS) 6 – Josef Zabka (CZE) 2. 3-4-4: Josef Zabka (CZE) 4 – Robert Mezik (SVK) 3. Finals: Dimitry Koznin (RUS) 4 – Ratslav Kurilak (SVK) 3.

BC3 girls
Semifinals: Nancy Poser (GER) 4 – Bethany Moulan (GBR) 3 / Edyta Owczar (POL) 4 – Ana Ntenta (GRE) 2. 3º-4º: Ana Ntenta (GRE) 4 -Bethany Moulan (GBR) 3. Final: Edyta Owczar (POL) 4 – Nancy Poser (GER) 2.

BC3 male
Semis: Wafid Boucherit (ESP) 3- Adam Peska (CZE) 2 / Grigorios Polychronidis (GRE) 8 – Aleksander Legostaev (RUS) 2. 3º-4º: Aleksander Legostaev (RUS)* 3 – Adam Peska (CZE) 3. Final : Grigorios Polychronidis (GRE) 3 – Wafid Boucherit (ESP) 2.

BC4 girls
Semifinals: Michaela Balkova (RUS) 3 – Carla Oliveira (POR) 2 / Alejandra Szabo (HUN) 4 – Anita Raguwaran (GER) 1. 3º-4º: Carla Oliveira (POR) 9 – Anita Raguwaran (GER) 1. Final: Alejandra Szabo (HUN) 6 – Michaela Balkova (RUS) 4.

BC4 male
Semifinals: Radek Prochazka (CZE) 6 – Vasile Agache (ESP) 2 / Stephen McGuire (GBR) 4 – Artemi Kolinko (UKR) 2. 3º-4º: Vasile Agache (ESP) 5 – Artemi Kolinko (UKR) 2. Final: Stephen McGuire (GBR) 4 – Radek Prochazka (CZE) 2.

The European Boccia Seville 2021 has been organized by the International Boccia Federation, the Federation of Sport of Spain and Andalusia People with Cerebral Palsy and with the collaboration of the Ministry of Education and Sport of the Junta de Andalucía, the Sports Institute of the City of Seville City Council, the Provincial Council of Seville, the ONCE Foundation, the Higher Sports Council and the Committee Spanish Paralympics.

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