the first permanent immersive projection room

Permanent immersive digital art gallery roll shop will open next April, in the English city of Coventry (United Kingdom), with the exhibition ‘Machine Memoirs: space’ by video artists Anadol Ref, manufactured with fourteen 4K laser projectors and a spatial audio system.

Created as an avant-garde space in Coventry that will become a permanent attraction for visitors to this British city, roll shop it will be the UK’s first permanent immersive art gallery.

The Reel Store is located in an old newspaper house Coventry Malam Night Telegraph, a typical postwar building in the center of the city, which is currently completing work on converting the room where the paper rolls are stored.

Anadol Barca ref

Coventry Cultural City Trust responsible for this project, which received funding from the UK Government to upgrade its infrastructure and art installations for the programme City of Culture country, which will last for the next four years and which “continues the immense popularity of immersive art spaces around the world,” as they indicated in their statement.

The main exhibition space, covering an area of ​​800 m2, will accommodate a large canvas for mapping projection with fourteen high-luminosity lasers and a surround sound system. The first exhibition is Machine Memory: space , by a Turkish-American audiovisual artist Anadol Ref, which was shown for the first time in Istanbul (more data in digital AV).

This exhibition uses technology artificial intelligence (AI) to re-imagine two million publicly available space images taken by satellites and telescopes from NASA and the International Space Station.

Anadol Barca ref

Through machine learning, computers classify and categorize these photos, eventually develop an understanding of them, and then create amazing new digital interpretations of the space that only exists in the minds of machines.

Machine Memory: space offer 360 . cinematic experience futuristic space images accompanied by audio and 3D, allowing viewers to discover the beauty and spectacle of rocket science, created entirely through AI.

As you show Martin Sutherland, CEO of the Coventry City of Culture Trust, “The Reel Store is a very exciting venture, with Coventry being home to the UK’s only truly immersive permanent digital art gallery, a huge draw for locals and city visitors alike. We are pleased that our partners have supported the vision of this new attraction, turning old media into new ones, as part of our heritage as a City of Culture.

Anadol Barca ref

Chenine Bhathena, Creative Director of the Coventry City of Culture Trust, added that “after experiencing some truly magical immersive art exhibitions in Tokyo, Paris and London, I am delighted that Coventry, a young and pioneering city, is introducing The Reel Store with Machine Memory: space, a new way to experience the magic of art. Refik Anadol is leading the way in this area and we are proud to be collaborating to put on their first full show in the UK.”

In addition, Coventry hosted the prestigious Turner Art Prize last year, “and in 2022, Refik Anadol and Machine Memory: space They will truly cement Coventry’s status as a premier destination for innovative visual arts experiences,” said Bhathena.

The Reel Store has been made possible thanks to the support of the UK Department of Culture, Media and Sport; Coventry City Council; Patrick’s Trust; Linbury Trust; The Edward Cadbury Charitable Trust and the Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, and have been funded by foundations and companies across the country.

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