Ukraine will use facial recognition technology to identify Russian aggressors and identify the dead

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced that it will use face recognition from the US company Clearview AI, to combat disinformation, find Russian aggressors and identify the dead.

In the midst of the conflict with Russia, Ukraine accepts free access to Clearview AI face search engineallows authorities to investigate “people of interest” at checkpoints.

The company announced its assistance after Russia invaded Ukraine and Clearview CEO Hoan Ton-That sent a letter to kyiv offering assistance.

Ton-That, in the letter, indicates that Clearview has it more than 2 billion images from the service Russian social network VKontakte, which in turn has a database with more than 10 billion photos. The database can help Ukraine to identifying people is easier than using fingerprints; even works if there is facial damageexplicó Ton-That.

Ultimately, Clearview technology could be used to reunite separated refugees with their families, identify Russian agents and help the government refute fake posts on social media related to war.

Clearview IA is an American startup, which has been involved in investigations in recent months for possible breaches of privacy and data protection regulations in several countries.

The UK, Italy and Australia have accused Clearview of violating their privacy and data protection regulations, while Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google and Facebook have expressed their disapproval of the “extraction” of their users’ photos.

Organizations against facial recognition, such as STOP, have shown that using facial recognition to recognize the dead is one of the least dangerous implementations, but once these systems and associated databases are introduced in a war zone, they are out of your control. whether it will be used properly.

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