Wolff accuses Red Bull directors of “transforming” Masi

How could it be otherwise, still kicking how 2021 season Formula 1 World Championship. The sudden and controversial end of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that decided the title between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton had many consequences and, although the tension and exchange of statements experienced especially in the second half of the year did not offer the best image for the championship, the truth is that part of the nerve is still alive that accompanies the battle on the track.

Wolff continues to charge in Masi

This, despite the fact that there are some aspects Formula 1 itself wants to leave behind. Not in vain, Michael Masi is no longer the Race Director championship after the FIA ​​decided this month to transfer them to its internal bodies for the sake of them being Eduardo Freitas and Niels Wittich those who succeeded him, were permanently assisted by Herbie BlashCharlie Whiting’s former right-hand man, and video system similar to football VAR.

But the Australian driver is still on the lips of some protagonists, especially on the Mercedes ‘side’. While many drivers and teams sympathize with the Australian, those who missed out on the title still feel aggrieved by the decision he made at the most important time of the year, something that has been made clear. Toto Wolff in this case.

Next week, Sky Sports F1, in its original version from England, will show a documentary about the battle between Verstappen and Hamilton, several promotional videos have been broadcast. One of their main claims was the head of Mercedes, who had taken the opportunity to reload against Masithough that wasn’t the only target of his criticism.

In this case, it is also very hard with Jonathan WheatleyRed Bull sporting director. The Briton has been in the spotlight of Hamilton’s most loyal fans for some audio in which he asks Michael Masi to remove the Safety Car towards the end of the Yas Marina race. Although fans of the seven-time champion considered this ‘test’ to be a novel during February, F1 itself published it on December 16. However, the championship figures have taken the opportunity to renew their accusations, and that’s exactly what Wolff has done.

Here’s how the Austrian was sent up against Red Bull directors and Michael Masi himself: “Jonathan Wheatley converted Michael Masi. Not only in Abu Dhabi but before, and maybe Max Verstappen owes him a lot. I haven’t spoken to Masi and I don’t want to talk to him anymorehis decision was wrong and I’m sure he regrets it”.

In addition, he also had the words for the International Automobile Federation, which was later directed by Jean Todt: “The FIA ​​should have seen sooner that there was a problem. There is a structural problem. There’s a personality problem.” Finally, he also refers to Max Verstappen: “I feel sorry for him but he only talks about Abu Dhabi“, It is over.

These statements come after other allegations, namely: Helmut MarkoRed Bull advisers, who claim that Lewis Hamilton’s silence after Abu Dhabi played a role in the FIA’s decision to remove Masi from office.

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