Amazon voice assistant dropped worldwide

That voice assistant They are increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives. Alexa It is one of the most widely used thanks to its large device ecosystem, which includes everything from smart speakers for less than 20 euros, to the newly launched Echo Show 15 for 250 euros. However, none of this is of much use when the entire service is down.

Alexa not working: connection problem

From 7:50 this morning January 21, 2022, serve Alexa has fallen all over Spain. The speakers didn’t work, and they didn’t even bother to process our request. When we say “Alexa”, the speaker responds by saying “Sorry, an error has occurred«.

according to myself aws status website, the service operates normally, but thousands of users report on the Internet that it does not work, including us, where the loudspeaker does not respond to any requests. Some even admit they have to remove the speaker from the mains because it won’t stop playing the music it started the first time running in the morning.

The failure appears to mainly affect Spain, as the international website DownDetector shows no increase in the number of reports and failures. However, there have also been complaints in the UK and India, so the decision appears to be affecting several countries. In the United States there are almost no reports, perhaps because it is still early there. This type of failure is usually resolved in a matter of hours, but we should wait for Amazon to confirm the existence of the failure and get to work to resolve it as soon as possible.

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