Aragon’s warned in Madrid that neither Catalonia nor the Government could “missed the historic opportunity” of dialogue

“Neither Catalonia nor the State Government can miss the historic opportunity that dialogue offers.” That is one of the main ideas that the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, wants to emphasize this Wednesday evening at his conference in Madrid, at Club Siglo XXI. “There will hardly be a second chance if there is no capacity to resolve the conflict now through the ballot box,” the Catalan chief executive warned the coexistent coalition of Moncloa, PSOE and United We Can.

The president’s words come after the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, indicated this week in an interview that the next dialogue table meeting would not take place in the next few weeks, as previously indicated. “Speculating, playing with time, and postponing the meeting do not help the negotiation process, it only contributes to the emergence of doubts,” added Aragon later, who in turn predicted that negotiations with countries on territorial conflicts would not be easy at all. .

“This is not the time for speculation, this is the time to offer certainty to the public. I am not going to talk about the dates, the debates of the last few days, but about the proposals,” Aragon said later, in line with what was disclosed. by his party these days, more concerned with the fact that there is content on the table than on the calendar. “Only with the proposals on the table will it be seen that the negotiations were genuine and progressing, and that the agreements that made this process possible are still in effect,” he stressed. “We all know that with political will anything is possible,” he later said.

There will hardly be a second chance if there is no ability to resolve the conflict now

Pere AragonsPresident Generalitat

In the Madrid forum, the national coordinator of Esquerra Republicana has also presented himself as president of the republic, pro-independence and left-wing. And he has found the origin of the political conflict in the fact that the State did not allow a referendum on independence in Catalonia. “The origin of the conflict is the inability of the Spanish State institutions to allow the demands of the majority of citizens to decide the political future through a process that is recognized by all parties,” he said.

“It is time to build an agreement between the institutions of the State and the institutions of Catalonia to resolve the political conflict,” the head of Government stressed at the start of his speech, calling on the central government for “creative and imaginative” solutions to allow the vote. “The referendum is necessary, whoever defends Catalonia is part of Spain, the State, must dare to win it democratically. Coercion does not lead to any victory. Dare to win as well as lose,” Aragon snapped at the central government.

What proposals does the State have for Catalonia?

Pere AragonsPresident Generalitat

Likewise, the president has justified the Scottish route, i.e. an agreed referendum, as happened in England in 2014. “Deciding in freedom is what mature, modern and advanced democracies do, as England did with Scotland,” he said. . .indicated.

“Our proposal is amnesty and self-determination, we want independence with a democratic process that is recognized by all parties. The question is ‘what is the State’s proposal'”, Aragon has resolved. “What proposals does the State have for Catalonia?” He insisted.

In connection with the conflict, but despite the possibility of solutions and negotiations, the Catalan chief executive regrets the legal cases that are open against the independence movement, among them, in particular, the case of the Civil Court against foreigners. generality action.

linguistic question

The President has also announced on linguistic matters: “There is no linguistic conflict, what are the consequences of the media campaign against the Catalan education model to increase voice across the State,” summarized Aragon.

“Those who want to gain votes with this strategy will not get away with it, they will not end the Catalan school model nor will they divide Catalan society,” he added. “Catalan untouched“, he has penalized, on the same day that the Government has been working with a national pact for the language.

In the economic sector, the President demands the fulfillment and implementation of budgeted investments and an end to the fiscal deficit.

Regarding the words of former commissioner Villarejo spoken at the trial, the president questioned whether “the state is willing to act with maximum transparency?” Yesterday afternoon he announced that the Government would study the commissioner’s statement if necessary to take legal action.

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