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UK suspends asylum seeker flights to Rwanda

The first plane scheduled to transport asylum seekers from Britain to Rwanda was refused to take off at the last minute on Tuesday, wrote among other things. BBC. Seven people were expected to be sent to the East African country,

Kevin Spacey says he will appear in court

British prosecution authority CPS (Crown Prosecution Service, ed.) announced last week that charges had been filed against Kevin Spacey for four cases of sexually assaulting three men. The attacks are said to have taken place between 2006 and 2013. Kevin

Harry and Meghan insulted the royal family

Harry and Meghan come under massive criticism Offending the entire royal family Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s visit to Queen Elizabeth drew attention, but it was Harry’s TV interview that caused Britain’s fury. Britain’s monarchy hopes that the unexpected visit

Sweden with some problems during rehearsal:

Morten Westgaard is Eurovision Norway have seen three tests where the same error has occurred: The song starts playing, but then stops without explanation after a few seconds. In one sample, the same error occurred twice. Check out the moment