Deputy Ana Delgado will have a more prominent role in the International Fencing Federation

Ana Irene Delgado, who is part of the Executive Committee of the International Fencing Federation, assumes greater commitment and responsibility in the organization of this sport, after the president of the federation, Alishier Usmanov of Russia, announced the suspension of her duties at the head of the body, due to the crisis arising from the conflict. armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Usmanov accepted the international sanctions imposed on his country in sporting matters, a situation which has opened an important space for Panama, as part of the world’s representation in the federation.

Delgado, who is a lawyer and substitute deputy for the Panamanian National Assembly, is the only Latin American representative on the federation’s highest decision-making forum and also serves as a vice president. It is hoped that the work of strengthening this sport in our country and in Latin America will continue.

The deputy has become Panama’s youngest ambassador to the UK; In addition, he was selected as a substitute deputy for the 8-4 circuit in 2019, and in his sports career there were important victories for the country, both in equestrian and in fencing.

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