F-35 crash: The plane has been picked up, the photographer must have been arrested

A British F-35B aircraft that went to sea soon after departure from the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth on November 17, has been picked up from the Mediterranean.

Based on Time The wreck was removed in a complicated operation that lasted seven days, during which Britain had assistance from Italy and the United States.

British newspapers quoted defense sources as saying they believed that no one with malicious intent had been caught up in any of the advanced technology present in this fighter jet.

Then it might look even worse for him who contributed to the video footage of the crash that went viral on social media.

Based on British Defense Journal was one of the crew members on board the carrier arrested in connection with this leak.

Filmed PC screen

As Technical Ukeblad also mentioned one week ago, it appears that someone has used a phone camera to record a PC screen showing footage from one of the ship’s surveillance cameras.

This short video clip was the first to appear on the Twitter account @sebh1981.

From the video image, it appears the F-35B’s engine first accelerates and then loses speed as it reaches an incline. The plane was never airborne, and the pilot fired when the plane was on the “edge of the jump”.

No information about the survey

The UK Ministry of Defense has yet to provide any information about what they might find in the investigation into the crash, which fortunately the pilot did well.

However, the fact that the F-35 aircraft continued to fly as normal from the carrier shortly after the crash, suggests that critical factors have been identified and almost no inherent weakness of the aircraft type has been identified.

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