How many times has Spain won Eurovision and what is its best position?

The disastrous shift in position that Spain has been at Eurovision for decades is not a common trend in the country’s history of competition. Although since 1995 Spain’s candidacy failed to reach the top five positions, Spain had several milestones in the contest. This year maybe Chanel managed to sneak into the top 5, even appearing to be one of the favorites to win the crystal microphone.

Massiel and Salomé, winners of Eurovision 1968 and 1969

Spain inaugurate participation in Eurovision in 1961 and seven editions later managed to win thanks Massiel and his ‘La la la’. The singer’s victory meant that the following year the country was responsible for hosting the contest, in which Salomé took first place with Vivo cantando, a win he had to share with France, England and the Netherlands as there was a quadruple tie -the only one in the world. throughout history-.

The country celebrated two successes in a row until it finally said goodbye to victory. Since 1969 Spain have not been able to win, although over the decades it has acquired the occasional meritorious position.

Karina and Mocedades, second place in 1971 and 1973

Karina in 1971 with In the new world and Youth of 1973 With Eres tú they made it close to the top, gaining second place. In 1979, Betty Misiego would achieve it again in Jerusalem with her song and in 1995 Anabel Conde would achieve it with Vuelve conmigo.

After the blow Amaya’s medicine in 1983 by gaining last place in the contest for the first time, Spain managed to finish the podium the following year thanks to Lady, lady de Bravo in third place only Spain’s nomination.

Gwendolyne of the young Julio Iglesias reached fourth place in Luxembourg in 1970, a position that would not be repeated until 1991 at the hands of another famous name: Sergio Dalma. The Catalan singer managed to bring Spain to the highest position with Bailar’s pegado. A year earlier, Azúcar Moreno would take fifth place with Bandido.

A losing streak that lasted for two decades

Since Anabel Conde achieved a staggering second place in 1995, Spain’s candidacy has been on a losing streak that has spanned more than two decades. On only four occasions since then has a Spanish singer managed to place himself in the top 10 This top spot and 22nd year has been plagued with poor results, especially from 2015 to present, where our country has not made it past the number 20 position.

So far this century, only David Civera with Dile que la Quiero (6), Rosa López with European live celebration (7) and Beth with Dime (8) have achieved good results. And over this decade, Pastora Soler (10) in 2012 and Ruth Lorenzo (10) in 2014 have been Spain’s best representatives at Eurovision.

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