Sigrid received a letter from Prince William

Sigrid Solbakk Raabe (25) of Lüsund had his big break internationally with the song “Don’t Kill my Vibe”, and has been doing very well in the UK with some great list placements.

In Norway, she is described as one of our leading pop hopes, and has received a number of Spellemann awards, including “Spellemann of the Year” in 2020.

He currently has over 4.5 million monthly streams on Spotify, having released his second album “How to let go”, five years after his debut.

Surprising to be recognized in Norway

In this connection, he has been interviewed by a British newspaper Independentwhere he said that it was a bit strange to be recognized in Norway.

– I can be at the grocery store and buy toilet paper and people can come and ask for selfies. I answered somehow, maybe not now, but ok.

Such a situation is shocking, he told the paper, because Norwegians are quite quiet and not so for celebrity culture, before he goes into further detail on Jantel’s law, which he thinks we can all benefit a little from.

A personalized framed letter from the prince

During the interview, reporters visited Sigrid’s apartment in Oslo, where the royal letter has been given a place of honor and has been framed.

ENTERTAINMENT: Prince William and Duchess Kate before a gala dinner at the Palace in 2018. Photo: Lise Serad / NTB scanpix

In 2018, Prince William and Duchess Kate visited Norway, and Sigrid and the SHAME actor are part of the Norwegian culture the royal family wants to showcase during the visit.

Artists who had performed throughout the previous year were invited to entertain at the Palace dinner. He now says that it was a stressful experience.

– At that time I had little experience as an artist and how one should perform in such an environment. I was nervous, but I thought I should treat the situation like a show.

He told the newspaper that especially the duke and duchess were very encouraging and “kind”. Therefore, he chose to invite them to an upcoming show in London.

– Of course they couldn’t come, but they sent a nice letter, which said: “We can’t come to the concert, but thank you for the invitation.” At the bottom of the letter, Prince William had signed and wrote: “I have downloaded the album”.

The prince referred to Sigrid’s EP from 2017 «Don’t Kill My Vibe», which led the Norwegian to crown the list to BBC Voice in 2018.

Be open about uncertainty

Several times in interviews, there was talk about what had been and were the challenges in his career. He admits that he cares about what people think of him, and it’s hard to know what to say, especially when you have so many people listening.

Among other things, when it comes to #MeToo, where he thinks the media is looking for sharp comments.

– Hard to do with #MeToo. I’ve always been the one who stays at the table when the family discusses things like local politics. I was the youngest of the siblings and sat in the corner and absorbed everything.

Raabe went on to say that he doesn’t like to talk about a topic if he feels he doesn’t know enough about the topic.

– I don’t mean to avoid topics that are not related to music, and I strongly believe that the platform you have as a musician is important to use. I just don’t always have the answer.

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