“I had sepsis in 2015 and it almost killed me”

Paul Di’Anno, original vocalist Iron Girlprovide a statement about his life and state of health.

Iron Maiden vocalist admits health ordeal | Water fountain: DIFFUSION

Paul Di’Anno, singer de Iron Girl His life changed after receiving lymphatic drainage in his leg, which left him temporarily paralyzed and he waited for surgery to be able to walk again.

Paul Di'Anno's health condition

Paul Di’ Anno’s health condition | Water fountain: DIFFUSION

Paul Di’Anno’s chaotic state of health

As if that weren’t enough, this isn’t the worst thing the vocalist has experienced, as after doing an interview with Jos Jedan he revealed important details about his health and explained how he nearly died at that time.

“I still have a lot of work to do, a lot of physiotherapy and things like that.”

When asked about his health, Paul commented that he was feeling better but he still had a lot of physical therapy to do, and also attacked the UK public health system.

The damn NHS sucks. He defended them a lot. But the nurses are great, and so are all the workers. The bad thing is the bureaucracy, the bosses and the people who run the public health system are complete idiots. But the poor heroes – nurses and crew – are great, but their hands are tied. They didn’t know what to do. They left me stranded.”

He nearly died of sepsis.

As you may recall, Paul will be 64 years old in May, and he has had several health issues that have brought his career to a halt for the past seven years.

I had sepsis in 2015 and it almost killed me.”explain musician refers to what happens to you when an infection causes a dangerous chain reaction in your body. “I spent eight months in a British hospital. You have 45 important minutes where they have to give you as many antibiotics as possible before you die, and they are able to do that, which is great.”

According to the vocalist, his doctor was surprised, after finding surgical material that was accidentally forgotten in his body, previously the singer also admitted that he would look for ways to get compensation for his bad practice.

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