Manchester United: – Alcohol ban

The former Ajax coach is known to run a harsh regime. He had already managed to enforce strict rules for his troops. One of them in particular has attracted attention.

Cristiano Ronaldo and other United players are not allowed to drink alcohol for weeks during matches.

The Manchester club will compete in the Premier League and Europa League, as well as various cup tournaments. This means that there will be several free weeks where players can enjoy a glass of wine with their meal.

COOPERATE: Former Manchester United coach Mick Clegg is currently with “The Power and The Glory”, for which Cristiano Ronaldo has written the preface to the book. Photo: Darren Staples / Sportimage via PA Images / Video: Red Card.
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However, the alcohol ban was not the only rule the ten Hags introduced.

According to The Telegraph The 52-year-old also needs regular BMI tests to ensure optimal physical fitness and a ban on cell phones while eating, which should also be eaten as a collective group.

The move was praised by one of the team’s biggest stars, Bruno Fernandes.

– I think we’ve been lacking that discipline for a while, and that’s an important thing. For me, discipline is not just what you do on the pitch, but also off the pitch. “I think it’s very good he did it,” United star Bruno Fernandes told the newspaper.

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