Military maneuvers in the Malvinas Islands: Government stresses that it is “illegal and under international law”

In light of the new military maneuvers in Falkland Islands by Great BritainRector santiago cafiero reveal hisdenial“by noting that they”illegal activities for Argentina and international law“.

“Argentina has always condemned this maneuver and continues to state that The South Atlantic should be a peace zoneThis is how the international community has determined it,” Cafiero assured this Tuesday in a statement to Télam at the San Martín Palace, following the 2021 Raíces and Leloir Awards ceremony.

In line with that, the Foreign Minister emphasized that the international community also ordered that “the England and Argentina should meet at the negotiating table to resolve the sovereignty dispute over the islands” and pointed out that “until that happens, any kind of activity undertaken will be illegal under both Argentina and international law”.

“That’s why Argentina will continue to claim and reject this kind of action”, concluded the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship.

For its part, the Government has statedforced refusal“to carry out new military maneuvers in Malvinas, given that it is”unreasonable show of forceon the territory of Argentina “unlawfully occupied” and “deliberate departure from the call for resolutions of various United Nations and other international organizations”.

In this way, the Executive Power issued a new protest for the British military exercises in the archipelago, which will last until 29 April.

In parallel, middle Financial time published an editorial suggesting that Great Britain “lift the military embargo” it has with Argentina and reduce “militarization” of the Falkland Islands to establish “normal and friendly” relations between the two countries and “build space for trade”.

Falklands: militarization of Great Britain

According to the information handled by the Argentine Government, between the days April 18 and 29 The United Kingdom conducts military exercises in the Malvinas Islands, where, among other things, British troops stationed in the islands, belong to Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment.

According to official sources, “the Unauthorized Archipelago Defense Forcein relation to strength Royal Navy and from Royal Air Force“, which, they detailed, “are part of the military deployment of Britain’s illegal occupation of the Malvinas Islands”.

According to a statement from British military contingent in the Falkland Islands (BFSAI), this exercise was held to “demonstrate the ability of BFSAI personnel to coordinate and deploy resources for large-scale exercises“, said the portfolio chaired by Cafiero yesterday.

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