Nadal irritated before Djokovic encounter – denied match at noon

Tuesday night, the two giants met on the pebbles in Paris. But when the match became a fierce feud between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

STAR DUEL: Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic meet on Tuesday night. Only one of them was happy with it.

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– I don’t like game nights on the gravel. I’ve been very clear about that,” Rafael Nadal said at a news conference quoted by the AP news agency.

But he didn’t get what he wanted.

Tuesday’s quarter-final between Nadal and Novak Djokovic at the French Open does not start earlier than a quarter-nine. Casper Ruud has also received night match in the quarterfinals on Wednesday night against Danke Holger Rune.

  • Nadal against Djokovic was broadcast live on Eurosport Norway and Discovery+. You can watch the entire French Open on Discovery+.

Statements from Serbia and Spain indicate that both have made requests to the organizers, each with a desired match time.

Novak Djokovic was given the opportunity to turn things around.

– All I can say is that Rafa and I will make different requests. As top players, we have influence, but wishes are not always fulfilled. It’s a lot about what TV companies want, Djokovic told the AP.

In January, Nadal won the evening tournament, the Australian Open. However, there is a completely different surface:

Already last week, Nadal was in the media criticizing the new French Open strategy with its frequent night matches.

– It’s something completely different to play on gravel at night than during the day. The humidity is higher, the ball slows down, and it can get heavy, especially when it’s cold. There is a big difference, said Nadal – who has won the tournament 13 times.

At that time, he mostly played the entire tournament during the day.

– You just have to adapt. Sometimes you want the advantage, other times your opponent has the advantage. That’s how it is, said Djokovic.

Nadal coach Carlos Moya said it was a “business decision”.

– Rafa has influence, he has won the tournament 13 times, and if he has a request then they should listen to him. “He’s part of the French Open story, but in the end maybe it’s about business, and we understand that,” said Moya.

THE GRUS KING: Nadal has lifted the trophy in France 13 times, most recently in 2020. In total, he has won 21 Grand Slams.

The Spaniard tried to influence the organizers by signaling the end of his career.

– If things don’t go my way then this might be my last game here, and I want to play it during the day. “I know tournaments during the day, not so much at night, because that’s how I’ve played my whole life,” he said.

In case of doubt: The game is Tuesday nightand you see it on Discovery+.

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