“Never share money with friends or family”

The EuroMillions Lottery is the award is divided among the nine countries Europe, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Portugal and Spain. Every Tuesday and Friday played simultaneously in these regions, although held from Paris, they are broadcast live in all countries.

Its number template system mimics many other similar draws, in this case bets must be placed at least by selecting some numbers from the first column, as well as two stars, from 1 to 12. Likewise, all players, due to the fact that after purchasing a ticket, access a additional draw called ‘El Millon’which assigns an alphanumeric code to each ticket and allows you to win up to one million euros.

pThe probability of winning EuroMillions is one in 139.9 million.However, there are people who are lucky enough to reach that number. Herman, a European citizen who did not want to provide further information regarding his identity, assured in his statement dutch radio who has won a prize of 15 million euros in this lottery. Instead, its cAdvice to everyone who receives a large amount of money He has surprised listeners, as he assures that although his life is simpler now, he is not happier than before.

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At first, when he learned that the lottery was the winner, he was depressed: “I checked my ticket several times because I couldn’t believe it,” he explained during a radio program. He assures that he has always been a hard working person and that’s why has placed a high value on making moneyso receiving such an amount he suddenly felt overwhelmed.

When he received the money, he decided to follow the advice given by the National Lottery experts. Also, hired two financial specialists to guide him in this new situation. “I’ve bought things I couldn’t buy before, like a house for myself, another prefabricated ‘mobile home’ for travel and one in the countryside in Spain. I also started practicing rallycross, first with a bad car and then I increase that,” he said.

In your opinion, the best advice you can give to other winners is avoid sharing money with family and friends. “At first everyone knew you and what you had. People started fantasizing and even asking you for money,” Herman recalls of his experience. Later, he lost acquaintances and today he distances himself from many people who are having financial problems because they don’t know how to manage prize money. “If you ask them when they will pay you back, the friendship ends. Never give money to your friends. As bad as it sounds, I will never do it again,” said the EuroMillions winner.

Even though he claims that your life is much easier today than beforeand that on several occasions his Euromillions fortune had made him happy, he believed that this feeling did not last long.

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