New York will turn on speed cameras 24 hours a day at

From 10 local time (2:00 GMT on Tuesday), nearly 2,000 city radars will be working uninterrupted, Mayor Eric Adams announced Monday, saying the move will help reduce accidents at the Big Apple.

In fact, official figures say that 59% of deaths occur during the hours when the radar cameras are off.

The speed limit on New York’s roads is set at 25 miles/hour (40 km/h), and the fine for exceeding it is $50 for each time the driver exceeds that limit by 10 miles (16 kilometers). .

During evenings and weekends, when the streets are more empty, it is a fact that these limits are exceeded with great frequency.

According to the Mayor’s Department of Transportation, speed cameras mean that the average speed drops 72% during operating hours, and this results in a 14% reduction in accident rates.

In June 2022, the last month recorded by the Mayor’s Office, there were 9,135 traffic accidents, causing 19 deaths (7 motorcyclists, 6 pedestrians, 4 passengers and 2 cyclists) and 4,818 injuries, of which almost half were cyclists. motorcycle.

The uninterrupted implementation of the new speed camera is a claim widely demanded by various civic associations and NGOs with which Mayor Adams today expressed his appreciation during his announcement.

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