Norway penalty win against Great Britain after World Cup collapse

It looked like Norway were headed for a comfortable win after captain Mathis Olimb scored 2-0 and 3-0 in mid-half. Again Andreas Klavestad set up 1-0 in the first half.

But the Norwegian team collapsed after controlling the game for 52 minutes. England reduced it to 2-3 in just half a minute and set the equalizer to 3-3 with just under four minutes of regular time.

It ended with five minutes of extra time without scoring, and everything had to be decided on penalties. Mathias Trettenes scored with his penalty, while Scott Conway equalized before Michael Haga made it 2-1. He won the match.


It is not uncommon for Norway to meet with an English team. The national team coach Petter Thoresen at the previous meeting in the elite WC in 1994. Then about the relegation match which Norway won 5-2.

Ken André Olimb and Andreas Martinsen returned to the squad after missing the opening match against Finland, resulting in a number of relocations for the Norwegian squad.

Norway lost 0-5 to Finland, while England lost 1-5 to the Czech Republic in their opening game on Saturday.

Norway opened well in Sunday’s game and played it safe with few risks. It is important to be patient. However, Norway were lucky when they scored their first goal in the World Cup after 16.13 in the first period. Andreas Klavestad sent the puck into the net, and it went through David Phillips for 1-0.

Norway’s overtime game also worked better than its lone attempt against Finland. The chip went quickly between the players before Mathis Olimb had to parry it over the lying goalkeeper. Puck had just crossed the finish line, but one referee canceled the goal. The video image, however, was clear, and the target was approved after a few minutes of inspection.

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When big brother Olimb put 3-0 on a shot from the blue line in Norway’s new lead, there was little doubt about where the win would end. Not every game the playmaker scores on a shot from distance. His smile widens as he celebrates with his team-mates.

– I don’t think I’ve ever scored from there. Just in time at 36, Olimb told Viaplay.

Norway’s third line-up with Kristian Jakobsson, Mathias Trettenes and Ludvig Hoff was the best in the opener against Finland and continued his good offensive game against England. And as the front row with the Olimb brothers and Mats Rosseli Olsen are together again, Thoresen’s crew has few threats to play for in the future.

England, on the other hand, hit back towards the end of the third period and cut back twice in just half a minute. Robert Dowd was reduced to 1-3 before Ringerike’s Brett Perlini was further reduced to 2-3. Mark Richardson equalized to make it 3-3 with 3.51 minutes remaining.

Team Norway again has Latvia (16/5), Austria (18/5), Czech Republic (21/5), Sweden (22/5) and the United States (24/5) in the WC group matches.

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