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– It is very painful. It was as if Anders Behring Breivik had come to another country of equal status, he said.

Norwegian-Afghan media expert and citizen Zahir Athari has today submitted a police report against a participant in the Taliban delegation, Anas Haqqani.

The military commander is the leader of the Haqqani network, which is part of the Taliban movement.

– We have reported him to the police for war crimes and crimes against humanity, said Athari.

Over the three days, the Taliban will meet with diplomats from the United States, European Union and Norway, as well as representatives of civil society in Afghanistan.

Now Athari hopes that the police will arrest Haqqani. He asked human rights organizations and lawyers to help with the process.

– Norwegian authorities must stand by the victims – the Afghan people, he said.

Zahir Athari submitted a police report on the Taliban delegation.

Photo: Olav Døvik / NRK

Athari reacted primarily to how Haqqani was received when he arrived in Norway.

– He and his network are behind the deadliest attack on the civilian population in Afghanistan since 2001. It hurts that he came as an honored guest here in Norway, instead of being handcuffed to the podium at the human rights court in The Hague, he said.

Has no influence

Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt told NRK they had no influence over who the Taliban sent to Norway.

– We know that some of this is desirable. That’s why they came to Norway the way they came, he said.

Denmark’s foreign minister has stated that he will not hold a meeting with the Taliban as Norway has. Huitfeldt sees it differently, saying they are doing something for the international community.

This is the meeting where the US, EU, France, UK meet with the Taliban. But the Taliban also had to sit down with representatives for the first time, from women’s and human rights organizations, and discuss their demands. We have not achieved this in a country other than Norway, said the Foreign Minister.

Don’t think it will be a lawsuit

International law and conflict researcher Cecilie Hellestveit explained that the review could lead to a lawsuit in Norway, but then two questions arose.

The first is about the Norwegian authorities can prosecute these crimes. The second is politics, about Norwegian authorities Should do such prosecutions now, Halestveit told NRK.

Cecilie Hellestveit

Cecilie Hellestveit doesn’t think Norwegian authorities will continue the review now.

Photo: Erik Hannemann

Researchers point out that Afghanistan is in a transitional phase from a civil war to a post-war regime.

Can be sued

He explained that inInternational crimes are of such a nature that most countries in the world can prosecute them, even if it was not committed on their own territory.

– What is a little special is that Afghanistan is a member of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, and there are ongoing processes to pressure Afghan authorities to prosecute international crimes that have been committed in A.fghanistan, he explained.

Afghanistan talks in Oslo

Over the three days, the Taliban will meet with diplomats from the United States, European Union and Norway, as well as representatives of civil society in Afghanistan.

Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

Thus, Afghanistan has the “first right” to prosecute Afghans accused of committing such crimes on Afghan soil. If Afghanistan doesn’t do that, other countries, like Norway, could start such a process, he said Hellestveit.

So the question is is it natural that Nbarley at this point should take such a case.

He said it’s important to take care of it too international crime don’t stay wrongused politically. Among other things, since Afghanistan does not yet have an internationally recognized regime, don’t believe it Hellestveit Norwegian authorities will continue review now.

– A form of confession

Zahir Athari considers dialogue with the Taliban important, but reacts to how it is done. He considered, such an invitation is a form of recognition.

– Inviting them on a private flight to Norway is something more than dialogue. The dialogue could be just as good if it took place in Afghanistan or Afghanistan’s neighboring countries, without giving the Taliban the honor of arriving by private plane to Norway, Athari said.

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