Romanian physicist’s 140th birth commemoration: Google pays tribute

Google praises Ștefania Mărăcineanu with a doodle on Romanian physicist’s 140th birth commemoration, honors her inheritance

Google on Saturday offered Ștefania Mărăcineanu a recognition on her 140th birthday celebration by committing a doodle. Mărăcineanu, a Romanian physicist, was one of the spearheading ladies in the revelation and exploration of radioactivity.

The physicist shaped Romania’s most memorable research facility for the investigation of Radioactivity upon her return subsequent to laboring for quite some time ..
In 1910, Mărăcineanu graduated with a physical and substance science certificate and began her profession as an educator at the Central School for Girls in Bucharest. There she likewise procured a grant from the Romanian Ministry of Science.

She then graduated research at the Radium Institute in Paris. The Radium Institute was rapidly turning into an overall community for the investigation of radioactivity under the bearing of physicist Marie Curie. Mărăcineanu started working on her PhD proposition on polonium, a component that Curie found.

While concentrating on the half-existence of polonium, Mărăcineanu understood that the half-life appeared to be subject to the kind of metal it was put on. This drove her to contemplate whether the alpha beams from the polonium ..

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