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The Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Tab S8, premium models from the Samsung Electronics family, receive technical acclaim for high performance rated by users today seeking the best relationship between connectivity, optimal camera design, durability, and customization.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone and the Galaxy Tab S8 tablet are already two of Samsung Electronics’ emblematic products, not only to position themselves as high-end devices favored by many users around the world, but also because they deserve technological support that demonstrates the brand’s global leadership.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which was released this year, received the highest score in an evaluation conducted by the VCX Forum, a global association that evaluates products based on user experience. This smartphone received a maximum score of 5 stars in recent tests, which places it as 1st in the ranking for superior camera performance. On the VCR-Forum portal it reads what it means that a team has become a creditor of this maximum qualification: “The camera delivers the best quality results right out of the box and uses the best technology today. Among 5-star phones, there may be slight differences in features, but overall, this phone is superior to others.”

On the official website, the device appears to lead the group with a total score of 69, which was obtained from an evaluation of its rear camera —73 points in image quality, 70 in video, and 62 in performance —and its selfie camera, which got 64 points. Compared to the Galaxy S21 Ultra which was the number one model in the previous ranking, the Galaxy S22 Ultra scores 34.8% higher for camera performance thanks to its super stable system, including AI autofocus and video stabilization.

It stands out that in the latest ranking in which a total of 46 devices from 17 brands were evaluated, in the first 10 places, in addition to the S22 Ultra, five other devices from the Samsung Electronics Galaxy family: S21 Ultra, S21 Plus , Note20 Ultra , Note 20 and S20 Ultra.

As described on their site, this association creates and disseminates standards for objectively evaluating the image quality of cameras and mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, among other equipment. The goal is to provide independent and credible information to consumers. VCX-Forum seeks the most objective assessment and is the ideal mediator between consumers and companies. It has the support of 24 affiliated companies in the technology field and with recognized global experience.

Rugged in design and performance

T3, the UK-based technology magazine that has around 2.8 million monthly readers, recently awarded the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra a 5-star Platinum award, the tablet that Samsung Electronics recently launched globally.

Reviews of online publications highlight the powerful features of the Samsung tablet, which give it the highest possible rating. “The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra brings real fun to both work and drawing. Stunning 120Hz Super AMOLED display, comes with the latest 4nm processor and S Pen included in the box“. Also mentioned about user experience”You’ll benefit from dual 12-megapixel front cameras for high-quality video calls.“.

From the newest member of the Galaxy tablet family, the magazine also highlights the large, ultra-thin screen, and lightweight aluminum hardware that is more durable. Among the highlighted reasons for preferring this device over others, the publication considers the friendly 4.0 user interface of the Android 12 operating system and the optimal audio performance thanks to its AKG Quad speaker and three microphones to be outstanding. (

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