Saturday, March 5, 2022 (23.45 GMT)

UKRAINE WAR ________________ CORRIDOR – Moscow – Russia today resumed its offensive against Ukrainian military forces after plans to open two humanitarian corridors in Mariupol and Volnovakha, in the southeast of the country, were called off amid accusations from both sides of violating the ceasefire. fire. (SENT). (photo)(video) SITUATION – Kiev – Kiev was bleeding to death even before the expected Russian siege began. Tens of thousands of residents of the Ukrainian capital have decided to take their belongings and embark on a lengthy exodus to the west of the country and, if possible, abroad. (SENT). (photo)(video) AROUND – Kiev – The Russian army has not yet invaded Kiev, but its inhabitants have been living under siege since the start of the invasion, many of them in their jobs and separated from their families. by Ignacio Ortega (SENT) (photo)(video) REFUGEES -Lviv (Ukraine)- For many fleeing Ukraine, the road to the border begins in Lviv, in the west of the country, whose train station has become an international sanctuary. By Olha Kosovo. (SENT) (pictured) POLAND – Krakow (Poland) – US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrives in Poland, the main escape route for refugees fleeing Ukraine, and discusses with his authorities about Washington’s increasing contribution to Polish security. Miguel ngel Gayo Macías (SENT) ROMANIA – Siret (Romania).- Thousands of Ukrainians who fled the Russian invasion today continue to cross into countries like Romania, where a wave of solidarity has been unleashed and whose authorities warn that the situation will worsen in the days to come. Marcel Gascón (SENT) (pictured) (video) USA – Washington – The US is evaluating Russia’s oil consumption cuts in the face of mounting pressure from Congress, where Democratic and Republican senators will meet this Saturday electronically with Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky. (SENT). MACRON – Paris – After a frustrated mediation to avoid war in Ukraine, French president, Emmanuel Macron, has become Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin’s preferred foreign interlocutor. by Raphael Canas. (SEND) ASIA – Singapore – The war in Ukraine has Asia on alert, with a divided position in a conflict that is called to polarize countries on the continent with hotspots like Taiwan and where the United States and China are gauging their power. By Paloma Almoguera (ANALYSIS) (SENT) ASSEMBLY CHINA _______ POLITICAL – Beijing – China will focus this year on maintaining political and social stability after two years of a pandemic that has hampered the growth of the Asian giant which must also weigh its production costs. new alliance with Russia. By Lorena Cantó (SENT) (photo) (video) ECONOMY – Shanghai (China)- China also renewed its commitment to economic stability after announcing a 5.5% growth target for gross domestic product (GDP) by 2022, one of the lowest in the last few decades. By Víctor Escribano (SENT) (pictured) (video) PENINSUL OF KOREA _____________________ MISSION – Seoul – North Korea launches another ballistic missile, just four days before presidential elections in the South, and appears to be sticking with plans to develop new weapons agreed at the party’s last congress single. Andrés Sáncez Braun ELECTION (SENT) – Seoul – Expressions of hatred against the feminist movement are reaching new heights in South Korea, where gender politics has tipped its way through Wednesday’s presidential campaign at a time when many women are demanding more protections and rights. by Andrés Sánches Braun (CHRONICLE) (SENT) (pictured)(video) _______________ BREXIT ENGLAND – London – The exodus of Europeans from the UK during the pandemic and new Brexit barriers to employing community residents have fueled wages in largely labor-dependent sectors foreign employment, such as hospitality and construction. (SENT). amg/ie/mmg Efe International Night (+34) 913467403

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