War in Ukraine: Cristina Kirchner breaks the silence and talks about Russia and the United States

vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner speaks this Sunday about the Ukraine crisis and marks a critical attitude towards great powers by maintaining that they use a “double standard” to international conflicts.

In particular, Cristina highlighted the position taken by major powers to reject the results of the Crimean independence referendum, which the United States had promoted. And he attributes it to the position that the country has taken against Argentina, which claiming sovereign rights over the Falkland Islandsoccupied by the British.

In a Twitter thread, Cristina gave her opinion on Russian invasion of Ukraine and in view of the support provided by the Government to Kiev in 2014, when the independence of the Crimean peninsula was being discussed. After a month without an appearance, the former president broke the silence via a Twitter thread: “Refreshing some memory and some“, begins.

On social networks, Fernández de Kirchner recalls that in 2014, amid the Crimean independence conflict, “13 of the 15 member states of the Security Council, including Argentina, They voted in favor of a text presented by the US defending Ukraine’s “sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity”.

“I mean: Argentina supports Ukraine based on the principle of territorial integrity, pillars of international law,” he said. Meanwhile, he said Russia “spoke against” and “China abstained.”

In line with this, and “40 years after Malvinas”, the vice president criticized the powers for their position on the Islands: “In this episode I describe 2 main issues affecting global security and peace:

  1. The double standards of major powers in matters of international law when making decisions. Remember the Malvinas and the Kelpers referendum, and
  2. UN Security Council anachronisms which has continued, since the Second World War, without changing the status quo of the victorious states which gave themselves permanent seats with veto power and other states, temporary seats and testimony votes”.

“Does anyone think that by having this privilege and implementing or not applying international law that is compatible with the world’s powerful powers, we are keeping global security and world peace?” he asked.

On the other hand, Fernández de Kirchner published screenshots referring to his position in the conflicts in Russia and Ukraine in 2014.

“Respect for international law along with correctness and coherence between ideas and actions do not appear to be attributes of global power. Today, February 27, 2022, I still think the same.” peaked.

Position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina in Ukraine

Immediately after the Russian offensive in Ukraine began, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led by Santiago Cafiero, released an official position and stated that “The Republic of Argentina, faithful to the most important principles of international coexistence, hasexpresses its strongest rejection of the use of armed forces and deeply regrets the resulting escalation of the situation in Ukraine.”

“Just and lasting solutions can only be achieved through dialogue and shared commitments that ensure essential peaceful coexistence. That is why he asked the Russian Federation to stop military action in Ukraine.”

He also highlighted the need to exercise “full respect for international law, state sovereignty and territorial integrity”peaceful settlement of disputes and full and deep respect for human rights”.

The vice president gave him another round and added the Malvinas problem to show a different position of power.

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