Scholarships: education, engineering, technology and health, the fields that applicants are most interested in

Asuncion, IP Agency.- The fields of education, social sciences, engineering and technology, as well as medicine and health, are most requested for study by masters and doctoral scholarship applicants, by the “Don Carlos Antonio López (Becal) National Scholarship Program Abroad.

129 people from various Departments in the country applied for master’s and doctoral degrees in education and science, technology and innovation. 59.7% (77) correspond to women and the rest to men (44).

Of these, 40 correspond to applicants for the field of education; 34 for the social sciences, a field that includes the sub-fields of psychology and cognitive science; economics and business; sociology; law; Political science; social and economic geography; media and communication and other social sciences.


In the field of engineering and technology, 23 people were applied; while in the field of medicine and health 15. for exact sciences and natural sciences, 7 people are also applied, as well as humanities, fields which include history and archaeology; language and literature; philosophy, ethics and religion; arts (art, art history, performing arts, music).

For the field of agricultural science, 3 people applied. this includes agriculture, forestry and fisheries; zoology and dairy; veterinary science; agricultural biotechnology; and others.

The destination countries most in demand by postgraduate applicants are Spain with 54 applicants, the UK with 49 applicants; United States with 12; Australia with 8; Brazil with 3; Mexico with 2; Germany with 1.

Those awarded the scholarship must start their studies in the second semester of the year at various overseas universities, which are ranked among the best in the world, and have been given a letter of acceptance to start the program.

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