Secret document found at bus stop

Behind a bus stop in Kent, England, on Tuesday of this week was found a pile of documents, nearly fifty pages, which clearly shouldn’t be there.

According to the BBC, the document contains several classified and sensitive details – including the British ship “HMS Defender”, which this week was in, or near Crimea, and possible reactions to the ship’s passage through Ukrainian waters.

The documents also include plans for a possible British military presence in Afghanistan after the US-led NATO operation ends there.

British authorities said they had launched an internal investigation.

A Ministry of Defense spokesman told the channel that an employee had reported the loss of sensitive defense documents, but did not wish to comment on the matter further.

Among these documents are emails and powerpoint presentations.

– This shouldn’t have happened. That is the right message about the loss, and an investigation is ongoing, Brandon Lewis, who is Minister of Northern Ireland, told Sky News.

Do not agree

On Wednesday afternoon, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow summoned the British ambassador to the carpet as a result of an incident in which a British naval ship entered what Russia believes to be their maritime territory outside Crimea.

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