“The guys run it, they beat it out of the coalition”, Eduardo Feinmann’s rough analysis of the official internals

Eduardo Feinmann analyzed the inside of Front of All and decided that Alberto Fernandez “they run it”. He did so via Twitter, where he replied to a rude message from the former ambassador to the UK, Alicia Castro, complaining of the economic disaster.

The policy lamented the strong uncertainty in recent weeks and the lack of prices that led to many companies not selling their products and, consequently, crippling production chains.

The government officially prohibits the recruitment of new employees in the country

This was reported through a decision published this Friday in the State Gazette. The ban on hiring new employees in the country will be in effect until December 31, 2023.

“A friend who owns a shoe factory told me, worried, that she should stop her factory because they don’t currently sell her leather,” explained Alicia Castro in a post accompanied by two photos of the factory interior. And he added: “The productive chain is at a standstill. The workers were crying, sad. Does President Alberto Fernández continue to fantasize about governments in other countries?

In this context, Edward Feinman He replied to the message and stated: “Non-President, President-appointed, they run from the left, they run from them, they beat him from the coalition. Zero strength, can’t last 15 months.”

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The worsening of the crisis resulted in greater tension within the ruling coalition and criticism from the actors themselves. One of those who has targeted the president in recent hours is Hebe de Bonafini.

“Yesterday when things improved, when I went to collect, I had the same salary. Don’t fool me Mr President. The poor are getting poorer. The rich are getting richer. And you, more and more liars (…) We’re having an increasingly hard time. We are in the middle of the river with no lifeguards,” said the head of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo.

Gerardo Romano talks about the country's economic news and the network goes to a crossroads:

Gerardo Romano talks about the country’s economic news and the network goes to a crossroads: “Without inflation there is no growth”

The actor, Gerado Romano, spoke with ‘A Dos Voces’ about the current economic situation in the country and caused a wave of criticism on social networks. In addition, Javier Milei dedicated a strong response to him after going through the cycle.

“The institutional punch was given by the self-appointed President,” said Eduardo Feinman by imitating his words.


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