The services giant is seeking 600 people for its subsidiary in Argentina

EY Global Global Shipping Service (GDS), a knowledge economy company, seeks to recruit 600 professionals in Argentina, toadd to 2,000 which they already have in their local office.

Veronica Asla, Location Leader EY GDS Argentinahighlighting that “over the past ten years we have faced many challenges, we were able to overcome them and provide the best value to our users. We started with 200 people and today we export our talent for 200 clients in 20 countries“.

Global Delivery Services (GDS) is an integrated network of service delivery and technology centers providing business services to JE companies (formerly Ernst & Young) around the world. It has a presence in Argentina, China, Poland, the Philippines, India, Hungary, the UK and Sri Lanka.

Since its establishment, GDS Argentina growing at a rate between 20% and 25% per yearprovides services primarily to the United States, Mexico and several countries in Western Europe and Latin America, among others.


The position most needed by the company is in the field of technology, economics, law, engineering, human resourcesproject leader, and is aimed at people who have the skills to adapt to constant change, with an agile mentality, and who want to join the era of digital transformation.

Over the next two years, EY’s goal is to invest in locations to double the size of the center in Argentina. At the company they ensure that the Argentine operation is of great importance at the global level, representing third global network service center after India and the Philippines.

One of the achievements highlighted by global leaders is that Argentina’s EY GDS exceeds 1,000 professionals on the tax settlement team, one of the main services that companies from Argentina provide abroad, aimed at individuals, companies and NGOs.

As for the technology team, which has about 600 professionals, in the company they explained that it supports EY application all over the world. One of the biggest milestones in this area is the creation of the company’s global “cloud”, which is not only designed locally, but also managed from Argentina.

How to apply

To apply, send an email with your CV to:

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