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The popular browser Mozilla is celebrating its centenary with an amazing update.

You may be reading this Article through you social network favorite, you might use RSS reader to provide you with information or you may access it via a web navigator. you probably already Last name habit of Mozilla softwarethough if not, we’ll show you five reasons to change In this article, we will teach you all news that comes to well-known browsers and how to make the most of them.

Mozilla Firefox has reached a hundred versions and its newness will attract the attention of users, helping them every day

On the more aesthetic side, firefox100in its version for Android and iOS mobile devices, adding some new wallpapers, which can be configured to appear on the main screen where you have bookmarks and pages highlighted by the browser. Moreover, now you will have a chance to see Subtitle in the video featured with the famous Picture within picturethough for now they will only have support for Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video alike.

As seen in release issued by Mozilla, more good news which arrived at version number 100 Firefox has something to do with keep tabs and history tidy navigation, also in mobile version for Android and iOS. What will happen? exclusive for phone Android will be HTTPS-only modewhich will allow navigation the user is carried out by means of more personalbecause when you click on a link, the encrypted option of the website in question will take effect.

Two will be the latest developments to highlight in this version, the first is first boot language switchersomewhat sloppy translation, meaning that Firefox will recognize the language of the device you are using and if it differs from the browser’s default language, the browser will ask if you want to change it, between more than 100 languages ​​included in this hundred year version. Finally, options autofill credit card informationpreviously available exclusively in the United States, will also launch in English, French and German.

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