UK minister seeks to limit trans women in sport

Following the decision of the International Swimming Federation to restrict trans athletes from elite women’s competition, the UK Minister of State for Technology, Culture, Media and Sport, Nadine Dorries supported the decision and stated that it should be implemented.

Dorries, in an interview with LCB, said he was holding a table with the sporting executive director and performance staff to come to a decision on the matter.

It is important that trans women who wish to compete do so fairly. I’m just saying that justice must always trump the principle of inclusion. Ensuring that these transgender people have their own category to compete is important,” said the Minister of Finance.

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He also stated that even though people are free to choose their gender, biology is inevitable.

“You can transition into a man or you can transition into a woman and the government will help you and give you all the love and support you need to get through it, but you can’t compete in the gender sport that you weren’t born with,” he said. . .

It should be noted that the General Congress of FINA made a decision to limit the participation of trans women after to analyze what a group of athletes, scientists and medical experts are saying.

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