UK, strategic ally for investment attraction and energy transition in Barranquilla – Barranquilla Mayor’s Office

UK, strategic ally for investment attraction and energy transition of Barranquilla

This week the city received a visit from Mark Menzies, the British MP who was appointed by the British Prime Minister as commercial envoy to Colombia.

With the visit of two important authorities and their commitment to technical assistance in energy transition and commercial bond strengtheningThe British take the development train to Barranquilla.

On the one hand, this week he arrived in the Atlantic capital John Reynolds, counselor from Government of Aberdeen -sister city of Barranquilla since 2016-, which ratified Scotland’s commitment to support the goal of positioning the Golden Gate as the first Biodiversity from the country.

Reynolds, who organized an agenda that included a visit to the Training and Simulation Center at operation off the coast National Navy and meeting with union heads at the local level, highlighting the progress of the city and commitment to the use of new energy.

“Aberdeen is very similar to Barranquilla. We also have a boardwalk and exhibition center, we are part of World Energy Cities Associationand we are very interested in the transition process,” said Reynoldsand noted that they continue to implement solutions to reduce the use of fossil fuels and choose renewable energy from other sources such as hydrogen and wind, harnessing the natural resources of the Scottish city.

By considering 6 or 7 hours a day of sunshine, “Here, for example, they can take advantage of the potential of this resource. What is important to move forward is that we have to engage all the important actors, including business and local government, who are always interested because they understand the importance of strengthening those relationships and have experience with other cities to move forward”, said the Scottish official.

business ties

This week the mayor Jaime Pumarejo accepts a tag Menzies, Member of the British Parliament and appointed by the British Prime Minister as envoy for strengthen commercial relations with Colombia and other Latin American countries.

In the meeting they held with the district cabinet, the business growth between Barranquilla and Great Britain, in both directions, as well as actions to promote more investment.

The foregoing, based on a memorandum of understanding between Barranquilla-Aberdeen signed in 2021, in which Menzies served as a witness. The agreement considers collaborative action to energy transition, as good as cultural issues.

Similarly, representatives of the British Government are aware of Barranquilla’s vision as smart city, that social infrastructure and other initiatives Urban development which will be carried out in the next few years.

Therefore, City manager, Carlos Acosta Juliao, He said that “Barranquilla continues to work with its international allies to grow.”

On the one hand, the visit of representatives of the British parliament “brings” cooperation opportunities, from the Pan American Games to energy issues” and, on the other hand, with Aberdeen “we have long been working in parallel with the developments we have in energy efficiency”, said Acosta Juliao.

In that case, he remembered that the company General Information (APBAQ) already applied “solar panel projects and other wind issues; we have replace all lighting with LED lightsand we keep moving forward turn Barranquilla into that great Biodiversity what we all dream of.”

That International Relations Office The Secretariat of Economic Development ratified its commitment to continue to articulate actions and strategies with international allies on different topics, to promote urban development projects.

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