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World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA).

According to the entity, the forecast for this season is ultimately 11% (or 1,195,000 T) from last year. The new figures were influenced by increases in Poland (+130,000 T to 4.3 million T) as well as in Belgium (+48,000 T to 240,000 T) and Austria (+5,000 T to 120,000 T) but were offset by declines in France ( -12000 T to 1,363,000 T) and the Netherlands (-5,000 T to 245,000 T) Italy

It held steady at 2,044,000 T, with 2,000 T lower compared to the initial forecast for August. In terms of variety, the main changes refer to Red Jonaprince (+53,000 T to 475,000 T), Jonagold (+26,000 T to 444,000 T), Idared (+24,000 T to 709,000 T), Red Delicious and Pinova (+14,000 T). reaching 654,000 T and 197,000 T respectively) and Cripps Pink (+7,000 T to 240,000 T). On the other hand, Gala is decreasing (- 10,000 T to 1,553,000 T).

The rest of the European Union and Switzerland represent about 200,000 T. In the US, WAPA explained, it is confirmed that the apple harvest has remained steady at 4,644,000 T (6% lower than last year), despite some readjustments in the breakdown by states and varieties.


The main varieties in the US are Gala (863,000 T), Red Delicious (625,000 T) and Honey Crisps (542,000 T). In the case of varietal changes, this continues in US gardens, with positive developments with new varieties such as Ambrosia and Cosmic Crisp.

Mexico’s production in 2021 fell 2% to 700,000 T, while Canadian production fell 11% to 360,000 T. China’s apple harvest is expected in August to just below 45 million T, dominated by Shaanxi (12.5T) and Shandong (9.5T) provinces ), which together account for about 50% of China’s apple production.

pear production

Regarding pears, WAPA estimates that European pear production will reach 1,666,000 T in 2021/2022, which is 3.87% (61,000 T) above the August forecast.

This increase was the result of increases in Belgium (+59,000 T to 354,000 T) and the Netherlands (+15,000T to 340,000 T) but was offset among other things by decreases in France (-1,000 T to 56,000 T) and a new decline in Italian cultivation due to the consequences serious consequences of the climate damage experienced in the main region (-11,000 T to 202,000 T, while the garden potential exceeds 700,000 T).

In terms of variety, the project entity will increase by 68,000 T to 873,000 T, while Abate should decrease 12,000 T to 53,000 T. As for pear production in the US, there is a slight increase from 525,000 T to 529,000 T , driven by Oregon and Washington state, while Production in California was severely affected by water shortages and labor shortages. The main varieties for the season are Williams BC (270,000 T), Anjou (170,000 T) and Bosc (60,000 T).

In the rest of the northern hemisphere, China reports an estimated pear production of 18.5 T, Turkey at 539,000 T and India at 89,000 T. In the Southern Hemisphere, the 2021 pear harvest ends with a total volume of 1,346,000 T

Philippe Binard, Secretary General of WAPA commented: “This year, given the difficult weather conditions, production forecasts are not easy to do, especially with regard to uncertainty about the impact of frost and other spring weather conditions on product quality and size. Looking back, the work done in different countries was quite accurate as only limited variations were observed. This is mainly influenced by favorable conditions during the summer months in the northern hemisphere”.

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