Waves, exhibition of colorful lights arrives in Antara, Polanco

If you are a fan immersive experience with lampcolor, shape and voiceDon’t miss the show Waving that put all these elements together and arrived at Among, Polancoin CDMX. These are some of the details you should know.

Between Fashion Hall This is one of the most exclusive open-air malls in mexico city and more ‘fiesteros’, for some year-round organizing program, such as concerts, fashion shows, and exhibition.

Now the month of July is coming Wavinga immersive experience from lamp you voice.

Picture: www.squidsoup.org

Waves, light and sound experience in Polanco

Waving is exposition consisting of about 500 round lights, also called orbs, which give the impression of floating in the air, and work independently. Each sphere is a sensory unit consisting of lamp LED, speaker and microprocessor with motion sensor and wireless connectivity.

All the spheres together form a resonant and dynamic suspended wave through lamp and voice generated respectively.

page from squid soupthe group in charge of the project, explained that for this exposition work in an interconnected way,Waving created with ‘Internet of Things’ technology, working in harmony choreographed to create a series of immersive, sensual, emotional and engaging environments – a sanctuary in this crazy world.”

squid soup is an international group of artists, researchers, technologists and designers based in the UK working on the production of digital and interactive media experiences. “Our work combines physical and dynamic digital spaces with new and intuitive forms of interaction to produce experiences that are immersive, responsive and engaging,” he said.

Waving is a project that continues exploration squid soup on elemental themes, especially water, from which the name “wave” comes.

Squidsoup uses digital technology to create immersive experiences, in a variety of spaces, from art galleries and retail venues to live outdoor events and public spaces. “Our work was seen by more than two million people on six continents in the last year alone,” they describe.

For sound, the Squidsoup team works regularly with electronic musician Four Tet to “create a custom immersive light show that pushes boundaries for a live concert series.”

Picture: www.squidsoup.org

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Waves, lights and sounds, arrive at CDMX in Antara, Polanco

Waving is a project that emerged in 2018 and was originally commissioned by Salisbury Cathedral in the United Kingdom, where exposition It was present from December 2018 to January 2019. Then it came to several festivals between early 2019 and early 2020, such as Light of Southampton, also in the UK, and Convergence Channel, in the US.

Now you can enjoy it on mexico city, at the mall Between Fashion Hall in Polanco so that the visitor enters the space where the changing harmony will resonate, and blink lamp colors which, together, will create an enveloping and enchanting physical presence.

If you want to be a part of the experience WavingIt will be available starting July 21. Antara is located on Avenida Ejército Nacional Mexicano 843-B, Granada neighborhood, in Miguel Hidalgo.

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