“We are trying to prevent aggression”: Britain relaunches the Western bloc against Russia

GREAT BRITAIN-. The world is waiting with hope for the outcome of the summit between Joe Biden you Vladimir Putin, which will take place in the afternoon of this Thursday, December 30 after weeks of tension between the major leading powers. But at night, great Britain recognized talks with the United States, Germany and France to prevent a hypothetical “aggression by Russia to Ukraine”.

The spokesperson is the British Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, which reveals the previous movement. Foreign ministers from four countries talk about “prevention” Russian aggression in Ukraine, concerns about Iran’s nuclear program and solidarity with Lithuania in the face of pressure from China,” Truss said in a message on the social network Twitter.

The conflict in Ukraine has framed the world in recent weeks, so expect tensions to subside before conversation between Biden and Putin. In light of this, the White House announced that the US president has spoken with leaders from across Europe about the situation, while White House representatives are in contact with OTAN, the European Union and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Criticism of Russia

A few days ago, Truss vehemently questioned Russia over its decision to shut down the human rights group. Warning, an organization that is highly critical of Vladimir Putin’s government. For the British official, the decision constitutes a “terrible attack on freedom of expression” on Russian soil, the agency reported. Reuters.

The move had been ordered by a Moscow court. “Memorial has worked tirelessly for decades to ensure that abuse of the soviet era never forget,” Truss said, widening the gap between the governments Boris Johnson and the Putin administration. So far, the Kremlin has not issued an opinion on the matter.

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