What careers did Google workers and Colombians study there

This was revealed by a ‘tiktoker’ who works at the tech giant, to whom They kept asking him what career he studied to work for the company.

The woman, known on social networks as Adri, asked some of her Google colleagues what studies they were doing and where to respond to followers.

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He started with his partner Ricky, who answered that I study international business at the Rotterdam School of Management, located in the Netherlands.

one of his other friends studied Electrical Engineering in India, and has a Masters degree in Sales and Marketing. One employee studied at New York University and “created his own career.”

“I studied a bit of ‘pop culture’, with Technology with Marketing and a little psychology,” he said.

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Another young lady did it study in English Literature at the University of California, Marketing, Innovation and Technology at Dublin City University (in Ireland) and International Relations at the London School of Economics, in the UK.

Among those consulted by Adri was a Colombian who got a job in a multinational. He confirmed that he studied Design, at the Universidad de los Andes, in Bogotá.

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Digital Marketing, Experimental Psychology, Telecommunication Engineering, Politics and International RelationsInternational Trading, Real Estate Business, Economics and Business Management are other careers that some employees have.

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In short, there is no race to get into Google”said the TikTok account owner in another video. He is a professional in Business Science.

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Some of those interviewed by Adri mentioned that they have postgraduate studies. However, most do not.

In the following video, several Google employees, including Colombians, appear talking about their professional careers:

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