Wiggle goes public in the United States

The famous bicycle product sales website Wiggle Chain Reaction Cycles has gone public under the name of the owner and parent company: Signa Sports United. The ticker symbol for this company is SSU.

Signa Sports United is a giant with more than 1,000 related brands and a network of over 500 stores in Europe, whose activities range from tennis to camping. Cycling is king with 63% of total group sales. Based on geographic distribution, 67% of its sales come from Europe and another 19% from the UK.

Stephan Zoll, CEO of Signa Sports United, explains in cyclingindustry.news: «This transaction is a milestone for Signa Sports United, as provide us with capital to strengthen our position in the e-commerce and sports technology space, which is growing rapidly, and to continue our expansion in Europe and the United States. SSU is committed to long term value creation strategy, and we are excited to begin our journey as a public company to unlock the full potential of our platform and infrastructure.”

Signa Sports United owns brands like fahrrad.de, Bikester, CAMPZ, addnature, Tennis-Point, Outfitter and Stylefile, but in the cycling world it is known and recognized as the owner Shake Chain Reaction Cycle.

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