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last March company midday, headquartered in the city of Toronto (Canada), launched a social finance campaign or fundraising to improve your project Spirit Car on Avvere.

Now, nine months later, the president, Aldo Baiocchi, just served first prototype (the other five are in the assembly period) announced that tests to complete its development will be carried out throughout the coming year and that the first unit will be ready for delivery in September 2023.

That Daymak Spiritus This is a sports car from Double bed which has two wheels on the front axle but only one, although wider, on the back. This is a scheme that others are already familiar with fashion sports car from England, highlight Morgan with a retro design, and also from the USA, where polaris slingshot, tricycle in the middle of the road between a car and a motorcycle.

But Daymak Canadians stand out because, unlike others who convertible, have a closed body. And it already supports the order for him two versions. The first is the most accessible, called Deluxe (20,316 euros), rinde 100 CV power, it is rear wheel drive and carries battery 36 kWh which gives you maximum autonomy 290 kilometers.

The only rear wheel of the car.

Less than two seconds from 0 to 100 km/h

That second choice search first benefit and some are older sports sensation. Baptized as Ultimate (131,643 euros) much more sophisticated and complete: it offers 200 CVs, all-wheel drive and the stack 80 kWh reaches a range of 480 kilometers. And the brand advertises strong performance, acceleration under two seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, faster than the best hypercar traditional and in line with what the next 1,000 hp (1.9 seconds) Tesla Roadster states.

One of the secrets of Daymak Spiritus is very light, because it does not exceed 621 kilo in the toughest version. And according to the brand, when driving it stands out because incredible agility, similar to a kart, due to its lightweight carbon fiber construction, but also a very low center of gravity.

In contrast to other three-wheeled vehicles, usually very sparse in their equipment, Spiritus shines because of that high technology. In the superior version that Ultimate has vertical opening automatic door, Keyless start, reverse camera, Bluetooth connectivity, anti-theft alarm, multifunction display for passengers and even an integrated system for cryptomones mine.

Spirit cockpit.

The Daymak Spiritus presentation should have been staged at New York University (USA) but precautionary measures for the pandemic have forced it to be carried out in virtual form. In it, those in charge of the brand have stated that already received 26,000 reservations and that the expected production is 50,000 units per year, to be manufactured at the newly built Canadian plant.

And the sporty Spiritus not the only vehicle planned in the ambitious Avvenire project. This will be followed by all regions what will be called rough and then a flying car was baptized as Skyrider.

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