2022 will be great for all Mexicans; there will be health, well-being and happiness

Early in the first morning of 2022, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) was convinced that this year was not only good for all Mexicans, but also “great” because the hardest part of the pandemic was over.

He said he was “optimistic” because this year he showed that the country would do very well in all areas, especially in health, well-being, peace, tranquility and happiness.

He indicated that he invited Jeremy Corbyn, a British MP, and his Mexican wife Laura Alvarez, to accompany him to this first conference, in return for inviting him to the British parliament five years ago.

“We are starting this week and this year we want to be very good, good, good, very good for all Mexicans and for all humanity, hopefully it will be a year with health, with great happiness, that’s what we do. desire, and there are conditions conducive to achieving that good goal,” he said in the State Palace Treasury room.

He highlighted the great reserve of Mexican values ​​for overcoming adversity.

I am optimistic, I think the most difficult thing is over, 2020 is very sad, difficult, however, we are moving forward because our people have a large reserve of cultural, moral and spiritual values, which when needed comes all that is the strength of culture that always He has saved us.


Mexican President

“Last year has been better and it shows that we are going to do very well in all areas, in all areas of people’s lives, especially and what we most want in health, well-being, peace, tranquility, happiness,” he added.

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López Obrador recalls that Jeremy Corbyn invited him to visit the British Parliament in 2017.

“They invited me when I was an opponent to visit the British Parliament, I was in London and we identified ourselves because he was an advocate for fair causes, an advocate for workers in England and now he is visiting and we invited him. to see what it’s like. our parliament this (morning)”, he said.