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There are many more who only know the name Falkland Islands than those who can find it on the map. remote islands South Atlantic has starred in several suspenseful chapters throughout history. All for which country it belongs to. From there until the war that took place forty years ago between Argentina and great Britain.

In April 1982, an Argentine commando detachment entered the Malvinas Islands to retake the territory. The news even shocked the British public at the time. Since then, the archipelago has been practically unknown. All that changed in 1982, although after all that, it was England who was proclaimed the ruler of the administration.

Even today it is a cause of tension between the two countries. Especially in Argentina. But, for now, the Malvinas Archipelago, known as Falkland in the UK, they are a Non-Self-Governing Territory under HE-HE-THAT. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why FIFA do not recognize the choice.

Amazing account

Football also has a pending account with the Falkland Islands. Or maybe several. The first is because of FIFA, the governing body of world football. it does not consider the Falklands an independent choice. It has no relevance to them. An indifference that did not make the natives lower their hands. And, above all, for Troyd Bowles.

Football in the Falkland Islands. Photo: Facebook

He has a dream of becoming a footballer. In order to accomplish this, he left the Malvinas Archipelago to disembark at English. He had never been a professional, but another idea formed in his mind. So he returned home to be a football promoter there, as well as a pilot and golf enthusiast. Although importantly thanks to him, his compatriots have progressed in this king’s sport.

The color, the flag of Great Britain. A T-shirt with a red chest, white for the neck and shoulders, and a blue stripe across the red background. For just 28 pounds – about 33 euros – anyone can get the shirt. Although FIFA denied that requirement from the official selection.

via page Facebook ‘Falkland Islands Football’ (whose images collected in this article belong to) keep projects alive in the Falklands, including youth football, futsal, league football and, of course, national teams that are not recognized by the sport’s highest world body.

The biggest problem they face islands To increase their competitiveness, most young people move to the UK to complete their studies between the ages of 16 and 22. Even so, Troyd Bowles had between ten and fifteen players sub23 to give up the dreams of all the Malvinas.

Jerseys of the four teams in the Falkland Islands league.  Photo: Facebook

Jerseys of the four teams in the Falkland Islands league. Photo: Facebook

Without a choice recognized by FIFA and with a league in which they are barely playable. The reason? Because there are only four teams in Falkland. This is CFL Hunter, Mustang Fortune, fic keeper and one JKM Red Sox who was the last champion.

The eleven against eleven match and the fact that no one escaped: none of the islanders ended up turning pro. They don’t dream of becoming world champions. They have other aspirations, even if they enjoy football. And while the conflict continues, because Argentina does not stop claiming sovereignty.

“The fact that Argentina still claims the land we call home makes it difficult for people here to completely separate sport and politics. This is our home but we have very big neighbors who claim it as their own and have tried to use force to take it. It’s in the memory of my life”, Troyd Bowles admits in dialogue with loud sound.

Despite all the rocks in the way. Football lives in a very special way in the Malvinas Islands 40 years after the war. Includes matches between military teams (featuring the best players from the British Navy) and Combined Service.

[Más información: ‘Camadas’, el documental sobre los 40 años de la Guerra de las Malvinas que nació en Dénia]

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